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"Individuals' security on the Internet is fundamental
and cannot be treated as optional."
-- The Mozilla Manifesto

Whether you're buying at retail or checking your email, you care about your security and privacy. At Mozilla we understand the importance of security, and we believe the best way to make you and the web secure is to be open about what we do and how we do it. We publish our policy for handling reported security vulnerabilities, we believe in responsible disclosure, and we maintain a list of all the security issues affecting earlier versions of our software.

Additionally, we are intensely focused on privacy, protection of personal data and user control over that data. Everywhere you go on the web, you leave information behind about yourself, and it's vital that you should be able to control what information that is and what people can do with it.


  • Private Browsing Mode - a new Firefox 3.5 feature for browsing without leaving any traces
  • There are over 400 add-ons for Firefox in the "Privacy and Security" category
  • NSS (Network Security Services) - our security software library, used by us and many other projects


  • $10k in 2006 to support the OpenBSD and OpenSSH projects. Mozilla uses OpenSSH technology to keep its development infrastructure secure.
  • $30k in 2007 to add OCSP stapling to the Apache web server - a performance improvement for checking the validity of SSL certificates.
  • $25k in 2008 to get NSS, our security libraries, FIPS-certified for use in the US Government and other places.


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