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Since grants are now mostly Drumbeat focused it may make sense to move the grant information here (including historical grants and non-Drumbeat current grants). This would help us explain the benefit of donating to support Drumbeat and would give the hard to find grant information some prominence.

  • Need to think through the value this page will offer its readers. Why are they coming here? Usually to figure out whether they can get funding.
  • Need to contextualize grants within the Drumbeat mandate. What are the themes? What are the values we're chasing?
  • Would be useful to explain why it is we funded certain projects, rather than just what we funded
  • Risk is turning Drumbeat into being about getting grants, when it's a minor part of the exercise. Money overshadows most things.
  • Are there any IRS reporting obligations?
  • There are open data / grant sharing standards being developed and advocated to help foundations collaborate and understand what each other are doing; we should find out if there's a way to participate and/or lead
  • I don't think we need to invest a lot of time into sorting / parsing / searching systems, as we don't have a large number of grants.
  • Is there a way to feed this page from the system Katie is using to track and manage grantees?

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