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The objective of the Lanikai fundraising project is to raise a gift for conservation for the namesake park for Thunderbird 3.1.

About Lanikai


  • Set up fundraising with Kupu
  • Determine fundraising ask
  • Build page
  • Build promos
  • Set up community ask/photo contest
  • Build into Thunderbird marketing plan
    • Set up meeting with TB Marketing
  • Develop rollout plan

Fundraising target

5K for Kupu

Lanikai Copy

Located on the coast of Oahu Hawaii, Lanikai is considered among the best beaches in the world and is home to incredible biodiversity. It is also the codename for Thunderbird 3.1.

Mozilla believes that the web is an ecosystem that needs to be protected, just like ecosystems in nature. We are fundraising for parks and beaches that are used as product codenames to enhance their presence within the web ecosystem, while we help them protect the natural ecosystem.

For the next release of Thunderbird, we chose Lanikai beach. Often described as paradise, it is a place to rest, play, reflect and share. Yet even in this idyllic environment, rare local species of sea birds are at risk of extinction. Kupu logo

The Bulwer's Petrel, a seabird that nests on islets offshore Kailua and Lanikai Bays, has disappeared off many islets in Hawaii due to hunting from introduced predators. Kupu, a local Hawaiian conservation group helps preserve the prosperity of the Bulwer's Petrel and the Lanikai ecosystem while creating a hands-on conservation learning experience for Hawaiian teens. Through their Hawaiian Youth Conservation Corps, they educate Hawaii's youth and give them the opportunity to work alongside state biologists, helping to keep this uncommon bird stable in the Hawaiian ecosystem.

Mozilla's partnership with Kupu has been created to help Kupu achieve its mission of providing a healthy and hands-on educational experience to Hawaii's youth, encouraging the development of natural resource managers, cultural awareness with an environmental mindset by connecting them to the powerful tools of community and collaboration that exist on the web.

Help Mozilla celebrate the launch of Thunderbird 3.1 Lanikai by donating to Hawaiian sea bird conservation.


We will need to design the following:

  • Lanikai page at (might need two versions of this page -- an initial version without photo and a final one with photo)
  • Refresh Namoroka page to remove donate ask, wrap up campaign and add picture with credits (and move to
  • Parks main page to link to multiple parks pages
  • Lanikai promo(s) -- on, buttons for blogs?, button/promo for Thunderbird start page
  • Parks logo (nice to have)