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There are several places on that can be used to promote specific applications, events, campaigns, etc. on a temporary basis. Please file a bug to request use of one of these slots. If the available options don't fit your needs, feel free to talk to us about other options.

Promo Design

The following shows an example of the promo style.

Promo samples.png

Note: the upper left promo is for the home page, the lower left promo is for sub-pages and the tall promo is for sub-pages when space is needed for extra text.

New promos should follow the current design direction with variations in the color of the painted background and image being shown. A PSD of several promos is available for anyone working on a new promo.

Promo Coding

Need to add a note about coding promo with link to example. Shouldn't just add to site as an image since that can't be localized.

Current Promos

As of 3/12/11

Note: These pages represent (need a number)% of all site traffic.

Adding A Promo

If you're interested in promoting something, please contact david at mozillafoundation dot org.

Promo Locations

Home Page

Home page promo.png

About Page

About page promo.png

Mission Page

Mission page promo.png

Community Page

Community page promo.png

Projects Page

Projects page promo.png

Contribute Page

Contribute page promo.png

Note: Unlike other promos, the promos on the Get Involved pages are in the main body content (to leave room for the Get In Touch sidebar) and they also are designed to be updated frequently with current contribution opportunities (so we've created a few generic image elements instead of having custom images for each new promo).

Foundation Page

Foundation page promo.png

Thunderbird Project Page

Thunderbird promo.png

Firefox Project Page

Firefox project.png

Campaign Pages

There are ongoing short-run campaigns that often feature promos.

Promo Tracking

In order to get stats for how the various promos are working, we tag each one based on a name and the page it is on. For instance, the Open Web Fund promo on the About page is tagged as owf_a. The following is a list of the abbreviations for the different pages.

  • _h home page
  • _a about page
  • _m mission page
  • _cm community map page
  • _p projects page
  • _c get involved page
  • _f foundation page
  • _tb thunderbird project page
  • _fx firefox project page
  • TBD campaign pages