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About reviewing - DRAFT PLAN * still in progress *

PR Review

If you would like the PR team to review your blog posts, please send it to at least three days before you plan to publish your post.

This will give everyone enough time to discuss, review and do some fine-tuning on your post if you need the PR team’s wordsmithing magic or help with the Mozilla messaging. The PR team can also help you to find a good day and time to publish your post, to make sure we get the press attention we want your blog post to receive.

If you would like to flag a finalized blog post with the PR team so that they are aware, please do so one day before you plan to publish.

Time Sensitive Review

Time-sensitive content that requires a faster turnaround time can also be reviewed by the PR team on short notice: Feel free to drop by the PR team’s desk directly or send an email, flagging the matter’s urgency with [time sensitive] in the subject line.

Globally Relevant Announcements

For globally relevant announcements, keep in mind that Europe (and thus half of the PR team, six PR agencies, and a significant base of journalists and users) is 9 hours ahead of Pacific Time.

If you are based on the West Coast, this means that the best time to post something is early Pacific Time, ideally between 6 and 8 am, if not earlier. Everything posted later than that will cause us to lose the opportunity to be part of the day’s news cycle in Europe, or to do any active press outreach at all.

Fridays v. Better Days

Friday is not a good day for announcements at all, as the EU press team will not be able to do outreach until the following Monday. Best days for posting news and announcements are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Mondays (journalists need to clear their inboxes from a lot of news and press releases) and Thursdays (press queries from Europe will have to be turned around on a Friday which is difficult on both sides, journalists and spokespeople) are still okay, but not the first choice to do global press outreach.

What needs to be reviewed?

News & announcements we expect to receive a lot of media attention, such as:

  • Major product announcements and updates
  • Official responses to a current industry issue
  • Strategic and visionary pieces posted by Mozilla Executives
  • Relevant numbers, figures and market share statistics
  • Statements on competitors, potential partners or Mozilla’s revenue streams
  • Major issues surrounding privacy or security

What doesn’t need to be reviewed?

  • Content that will not go up on a Mozilla-hosted channel, such as:
  • Blog or forum posts that reflect your personal opinion and go up on your personal blog or a non-Mozilla platform
  • Content created by the Mozilla community or content that will go up on our community channels
  • Content to be posted in MDN, demos, code
  • Content posted to a personal blog, to be aggregated to Planet Mozilla
  • Anything else that we don’t expect to attract any media attention