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Why do we need blog guidelines?- DRAFT PLAN * still in progress *

Mozilla is growing and more projects lead to more discussions, which again lead to more threads to follow - a process that makes it harder to follow what the Mozilla project stands for with regard to a certain topic.

In the past, journalists, our users and even Mozillians often found it hard to identify Mozilla's position on different industry developments. By offering a clear distinction between personal opinions and those of the organization overall, we aim to avoid misunderstandings regarding ongoing discussions versus finalized project announcements, particular in the press.

The PR team is proposing the Mozilla blog guidelines to help people to hear Mozilla’s voice out there, loud and clear. Therefore, we need your help: our external communication needs to be consistent and journalists should be able to find relevant information fast, easy and trustworthy enough to be referred to in their articles.

We want to encourage you to spread the word about Mozilla, build-up on everything we achieved and get credited for out there. Help us to tell people why Mozilla is a great organization - and one that is speaking with one voice and acting as “one Mozilla”.

Our external communication and every Mozillian involved as a blogger or spokesperson has an impact on our reputation. Reputation is how other people think or speak about us, always based on our behavior – past, present and even future. Reputation is not about image. You cannot build up reputation artificially; it needs to develop over time.