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more coming soon . . . cb 02-20-2012


Outside of optimizing the experience for typical users, set aside time (a few hours will do wonders) to work with a developer to improve how your website, web page, and app can be viewed by:

  • screenreader users
  • keyboard-only users
  • users who have difficulty processing text (e.g. users with a cognitive disability)


  • Is text easily re-sized?
  • Have you included keyboard shortcuts?
  • Are form fields clearly labled?
  • Is intuitive alt-text present on all images and media files?
  • What is the first child of the body? Is it tab-friendly and hierarchically clear?
    • The first child automatically renders before any hidden skip links.
    • In the case of Tabzilla (the white tab in the upper right corner across our sites), we initially rolled it out as the first child of the body of the page. This made keyboard navigation very challenging. The user had to tab through 18 invisible links (without any visual indication of a hierarchy) before hitting any visible content.


  • Group related sub-points and sub-navigation links into lists
  • Front-load links into sentences
  • Offer a text alternative that provides the same information for non-text assets
  • Include a synchronized alternative for multimedia (never auto-play multimedia it will run into conflict with the screen reader being able to read the page)
  • Avoid grey typeface