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(created by cbrodigan, Feb 2012)


"Blogzilla" is Mozilla's universal blog theme available to all official Mozilla blogs. It will launch in Q1 2012 (March).


  • Create consistent branding across the Mozilla blog universe to better help our users, journalists, and community.
  • Reduce the need for secreview by creating a pre-approved blogging package
  • Reduce the need for maintaining multiple themes & designs, replacing it with just a single theme)
  • Ensure all our blogs are responsive out of the box
  • Ensure all our blogs are using standard social buttons Bug 701759

Blogs Getting the Upgrade in Q1 2012


Plugins Included in the Upgrade

  • Sitepress Multilingual CMS - (this is the main plugin) link
  • WPML Translation Management - link
  • WPML String Translation - link
  • WPML Media - link
  • FeedWordPress to syndicate content from other Mozilla blogs via RSS - link
  • CMS Tree Page View, which just provides a nice UI for managing Pages - link

Development & Design Roadmap

Q1, 2012

  • Launching theme v1.

Q2, 2012

  • Localization
  • Featured Post
  • Child theme (1 design for magazine-like entry point for PR
  • Theme for community sites

Q3, 2012

  • coming soon

Q4, 2012

  • coming soon

Using Blogzilla

  • Activating the theme
  • Title and tagline (leave tagline blank to remove it from the header)
  • Adding/changing a custom header image
  • Header image specs (size, transparency)
  • Choosing a color scheme
  • Showing/Hiding authors
  • Filling out your author profile
  • Adding/changing a navigation menu
  • Sidebar widgets (leave the secondary sidebar blank to remove it)
  • Making a child theme
  • Localizing the theme (different from translating content... l10n at the theme level handles UI strings like comment form labels, "Posted by", etc)

Future Features (add your requests!)

  • Featured posts
  • More color schemes
  • Alternative layouts (left sidebars, single column, etc)
  • Custom favicon?
  • Tumblr-like post types? (photo, quote, link)