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Merge Mozilla Europe into

This phase involves PascalC heavily, as lead of

There are a few things to note about where it stands today (June 16, 2011):

  • All of the content we need from has already been ported to (product pages, release notes, etc)
  • is moving to and will become a community-focused site.

What needs to happen next:

  1. Pascal will remove the product pages and make new landing pages for all the locales on -a few locales done in July, due date TBD
    1. Add links on landing pages to product pages (and download buttons?)
  2. The domain should retain it's community status, and will redirect to - due date TBD

Merge Mozilla Messaging into

Project Complete: Wednesday, June 29, 2011, Mozilla Messaging relaunched as Thunderbird at

Merge into = will be rebranded as The current content will still be served under There are many potential problems with this, from conflicting URLs to the drastically different workflows for the sites. First, let's take note of a few things:

  • Most of's content doesn't need to live there. A lot of it is wiki-like pages that is already being ported to MDN (or something wiki-like).
  • The few pages that do need to live on are static content pages

Eventually, the few important pages on can be re-created in the codebase, and the existing codebase will go away. However, due to the amount of work that needs to be done to transition devs off of, and the minimal gains from waiting to do so, we will not wait to move content off of, merge pages, change devs workflows, and fix other details to achieve a true merge.

To keep this simple and to achieve the goal of rebranding as .org, we will run the current and codebases side-by-side and tweak how the sites are served.

Idea #1

Use Apache rewrites:

  • Move into a subfolder of
  • Create a list of top-level folders on
  • Use Apache magic to continue serving these folders at the top-level, internally from the subfolder
  • Run combined codebase as

You could also simply use proxied rewrites and serve the .org URLs from another domain, rather than a subfolder.

Idea #2

  • Create a list of top-level folders on
  • Implement rewrites in Zeus to serve the appropriate codebase depending on URL (i.e. anything under /community)

This is even easier then idea #1 and more transparent. This looks like the best solution so far.

Captain's Log, July 8, 2011

I have a prototype of this merge working:

This implements the above plan. We need to resolve some conflicting URLs and fix a few bugs, but the two sites a running together almost perfectly.

Captain's Log, July 12, 2011

I have a new idea of how to implement the rewrites. Use Zeus instead of Apache, which sits in front of all of our servers and handles caching, load balancing, etc. You can write "site scripts" which is code executed in Zeus per request. Write a site-script which looks at the top-level URL part and serve from the appropriate codebase.


Setup a stage version of the merged using Zeus -

We really need to start thinking about these bugs too:

Phase II: Build Bedrock & Redesign


1.) Conduct and produce a  technical inventory of the current

2.) Read - assimilating

3.) Why Bedrock