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Team Goals:

Engagement Goals:

  • Communicate Brand, Positioning & Product Features
  • Increase Download Conversion
  • Measure User Experience
  • Expand & Empower Brand Communications
  • Full Support for Rapid Release Process

Add WebDev Goals

  • TBD
  • TBD

Add QA Goals

  • TBD
  • TBD

Communicate Brand, Positioning & Product Features

#One Mozilla aka Site Unification Project

This project brings: mozilla-europe product pages & under the domain. Read more o the wiki here [wiki]. [Bugs TBD]

#Major landing page optimizations:

  • What's New
  • First Run
  • Panda Page

#Toolkit: Support the rollout of the Toolkit [Bug(s) TBD]

Increase Download Conversion

#In order to track download conversion rates across locales & improve user experience with instructions:

  • Add "thank you" experience to all Mozilla Europe product/download pages [Bug 667542]

#In order to increase conversion of IE users (especially XP users):

  • Test IE detection with IE-specific positioning on [Bug 667545]

#In order to increase conversion and innovate with design & brand takeaways (develop a "labs-like" culture):

#In order to increase conversion of search engine traffic:

#In order to increase upgrade urgency:

  • Test persistent messaging around version detection to increase updates to latest FX versions [Bug 667550]

#In order to increase Firefox for Mobile Downloads:

Establish Search Excellence & Standards Compliance

  • SEO - Now that basics have been implemented, optimize for individual key terms like Aurora, Sync, Mobile, etc. based on business goals) [Bug 667557]
  • SEO - Fix 404 & 302 problems (carryover form Q2) [Bug 649813]
  • SEO - Add alt-text to images on top-level pages [Bug TBD]
  • Content Retirement/EOLs, reduction & redirects of old product pages [Bug 667569]

Measure and Share Site Visitor User Experience

  • Track site visitor non-profit awareness over time [Bug 660996]
  • Conduct two sets of in-house office hours testing to conduct user research on site pain points

Deploy Outstanding Mobile Experience

  • Mobile (now that basic research is done and improvements have been identified, implement changes and measure the effectiveness) [Bug 667554]
  • "Mobile in Mind" project, eliminate /m site and replace with responsive web design, eliminate user-agent detection, and make all pages respond on the client-side to the browser’s capabilities. [Bug TBD]

Full Support for Channel and Rapid Release Process

  • Continue support of the Rapid Release campaign/cycle
  • Launch Firefox 6 successfully on the site