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  • Communicate New Brand Positioning & Product Features
  • Measure and Share Site Visitor User Experience
  • Support the Product Release Process
  • Continued Management of
  • Drive Engagement Side of One Mozilla Project
  • Drive Engagement Side of Installer Project
  • Support Special Website Projects

Communicate New Brand Positioning & Product Features

Deploy hard hitting global brand program on Website and through Snippet channel to increase brand awareness and advocacy

  • Revamp main site pages to include new q4 positioning [Bug 694061] - DONE
  • Launch a localized brand campaign through snippet channel Bug 707003 - NOT DONE Waiting on l10n - will carryover to Jan Q1
  • Track non-profit awareness at a global level: Launch localized brand awareness survey to 7 locales Bug 700160 - DONE
  • Launch and closely track an amazing What's New page for Fx9 [Bug 693835] - DONE
  • Change main download page to reflect Q4 messaging without sacrificing performance - launch by running various test modules Bug 702414 - DONE

Launch Upgrade Campaign

  • Launch new /speed landing page letting users know they're not on the most recent version - Chrissie DONE
  • Update 3.6 snippets to even more urgent messaging - w/Google Bug 700147 - DONE

One Mozilla (CB)

  • Create wireframes, using Less framework for the overall design
  • Work with Sean, John, and Jason G. on design
  • Organize weekly meetings to check-in on the development and design process
  • Launch pages from /firefox onto the new platform

Optimize Snippet Channel (LF)

  • Work with Webdev to build and launch a blank snippet - DONE Bug 690922
  • Work with Wedev to build and launch a mini add-ons video - DONE Bug 690922
  • Work with Webdev and Metrics to add impression numbers into snippet reporting - BLOCKED w/IT Bug 698815 carryover to Q1
  • Roll-out new brand positioning through l10n snippet campaign (also listed above)
    - NOT DONE With l10n, Carryover to Q1
  • Launch Functional Persona snippet to GA - DONE Bug 681064
  • Conduct 3 different tests/optimization experiments and share learnings with Engagement
    - Testing done, sharing not done
  • Localize snippets at MozCamp Asia - establish 3 new snippet l10n advisors in that region - Partially DONE List Here
  • Use the snippet channel and site marketing to help PMM reach their goal of 150% increase to Aurora Channel (desktop) Bug 708097 - DONE

Universal Tab: Implementation of the Universal Tab on (CB)

Rapid Release Branding Project - Increase Channel Discoverability and Branding (LF - Q3 Carry-over) Bug 679277

  • Revamp overall Future release landing page/discovery experience - [Bug 679277] - DONE
  • Track conversion changes and report on findings

Establish Search Excellence & Standards Compliance

  • SEO Q4 Tracking Bug 667557
    • Optimize for individual key terms like Aurora, Sync, Mobile, etc. based on business goals) [Bug 667557] (CB ongoing)
    • Content Retirement/EOLs, reduction & redirects of old product pages [Bug 667569 and Bug 598198] (CB) ongoing

Measure and Share Site Visitor User Experience

  • Launch and circulate web dashboard for Engagement/Web Team [Bug 664294] (LF carry-over)
  • Share site visitor non-profit awareness over time [Bug 660996] (LF)
  • Enable engagement drivers to become self-sufficient gathering intelligence on their campaigns - measure by a decrease in Webtrends reporting bugs compared to Q3 and robust self-service documentation (LF)
  • Track download to first run page conversion and help improve by that funnel by 10% - get all those data sources to Chris B so a Metrics report can be created (LF) [Bug 697500]
  • Track and report-out on top l10n locale conversion (LF) - DONE, now part of weekly performance report

Support Product Releases & Engagement Campaign Launches

  • Continue support of product release cycle (LF)
  • Streamline Firefox product content on [Bug 672669]

Continued Management of

  • Weekly web team meetings and ongoing support of website (LF/CB/JS)
  • Cross-promote user engagement projects (LF)
  • Enable Web Team to make successful rapid imacting changes to

Drive Engagement Side of Installer Project

  • Work with product team and PMM to launch sub-installer (LF)
  • Define next steps and Q4 roadmap to optimize installation process (LF)
  • Deliver final installer creative assets to engineering Bug 683993(LF)

Support Special Website Projects

Project: en-US Press Center Upgrade (AT RISK)

Project: EU Press Center Upgrade (ON TRACK)

  • Goal: Create EU workflow in en-US Wordpress site (benefit of all en-US content enhancements and controls)
  • Owner: Valerie/Barbara
  • Tracking Bug 697511 | Wiki

Project: Mozilla Blog Consolidation (IN PROGRESS)

  • Goal: Rollup individual Mozilla blogs into one Wordpress site and workflow and Mozilla-branded blog theme
  • Owner: Valerie/Melissa
  • Tracking Bug 699578 | Wiki

Project: Mozilla Blog Universe Magazine-like Landing Page (IN PROGRESS)

  • Goal: Provide a highly curated and gorgeous experience into the blogverse
  • Owner: Valerie/Melissa
  • Bug 687382

Project: Mozilla Research Website & Blog (IN PROGRESS)

Project: Mozilla Spaces Website & Blog (IN PROGRESS)

  • Goal: Provide initial web presence for Mozilla Spaces
  • Owner: Amie Tyrrel
  • Tracking Bug | Wiki

Project: Firefox Flicks (IN PROGRESS)

  • Goal: Provide initial web presence for Firefox Flicks (l10n)
  • Owner: Kristin Baird
  • Tracking Bug | Intranet