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This page contains all of the important details for Q4 3.6 Upgrade Campaign


Design 4 experiences to address 4 major use cases for why users don't upgrade their Firefox:
1.) Speed - Focused on visually depicting speed to address 13% of users' speed/memory concerns via
2.) Fewer Crashes - Focused on 13% of users' concerns about crashes less via
3.) Add-ons & Plug-ins - Focused on 13% of users' concerns about Add-ons/Plugin Compatibility via Why-people-dont-upgrade-their-browser-part-i
4.) Bookmarks/We've Packed up Your Favorite Stuff - Focused on users' concerns about bookmarks and browser history via Why-people-dont-upgrade-their-browser-part-i


  • The goal of the Upgrade Campaign is to move over the 30% of ADUs we still have on 3.6, with the majority moved over by the end of the quarter.



  • Responsible: LMesa
  • Accountable: Beard
  • Support: CNovak, WReynolds, LForrest, KBaird, CCollins, WBowden, CBrodigan
  • Consult: JSlater, MNovak
  • Informed: JFinette, PFinch, EJostedt


Meeting Notes

1) Changes to /firefox website (owner: LForrest)

  • New image for 3.6 Snippets to convey urgency
  • Snippets for 4.0-8.0, change messaging on 3.6 WN Page
  • Add persistent messaging to AMO and SUMO
  • Add Website Redirect for 3.6 users to

2) Affiliates (owner:  CNovak)

  • Build a set of buttons to redirect all users using a less than current version of Firefox to upgrade
  • Add JS to buttons to work properly
    • Copy
    • Creative

3) Upgrade Landing Pages (owner by CBrodigan)

Develop "speed" from the 4 wireframed concepts for en-US for testing

  • Copy
  • Creative
  • L10n
  • Traffic will come from email and social media

4) Firefox Live (owner: WReynolds)

  • Add persistent messaging to site for Nov 17th

5) Add Copy and link to upgrade page in email (owner: WBowden)

6) Social Media (Owned by WReynolds)

  • FB post (ongoing)
  • Twitter post  (ongoing)

7) Den Blog Post FAQs about upgrading (owner: CCollins) 

  • List of FAQs around upgrading with answers to common questions, link to upgrade page

8) Potential AdBuy (owner: LMesa)

  • Spend some money on promotion of upgrading and send traffic to upgrade page

Visual Assets


Tracking Bug 699895


Crashes Less



Future Phase(s):

Engagement Tactics & Results


  • 12.01.2011 - 10 Reasons to Upgrade to the Latest Firefox Version, The Den by Carmen Collins
  • 12.01.2011 - Is your Firefox faster than a speeding bullet? Check our speedometer to make sure your Firefox is as fast as it can be. (Hint, the latest Firefox is up to 7 times faster, so an upgrade might be in order!) Facebook
  • 12.01.2011 - Is your Firefox faster than a speeding bullet? Check our speedometer to make sure your Firefox is as fast as it can be twitter
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