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This Project Is Complete
This page contains all of the important details for Snippets Impressions.

Elevator Pitch

Marketing and Metrics are interested in collecting the impressions pertaining to certain about:home snippets. The current plan is to collect 10% of certain campaigns by sending an AJAX request to HTTP server.

Data will be in aggregate form and provide insight into which snippet is providing the highest conversion rate. This is an important metric for engagement so that we can adjust messaging to maximize reach and interest in Mozilla products and services.

Goals and Measurements

  • Enable tracking of selected snippets
  • Collect 10% of data for selected snippets
  • Track specific parameters per snippet impression
  • Fail gracefully if receiving server is down
  • Reporting system must handle if % collected changes -- preserve historical data.



The primary and secondary contacts for each role of this project:

  • Product owner - Jean Collings
  • TPM - Benjamin Sternthal
  • Developers - Michael Kelly (Interface)
  • Metrics - Anurag Phadke / Daniel Einspanjer
  • IT - Corey Shields
  • QA - Steven Donner
  • Security - Yvan Boily / Michael Coates
  • Privacy - Alina Hua

Weekly Status Reports


Project Management