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Development Updates


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Firefox 3.6 (Namoroka)

  • Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 scheduled to be released Wednesday, October 28
  • nightly and beta users are encouraged to help us by reporting add-on compatibility
  • Paul and others will be landing a change which should speed up session restore for users with many windows and tabs
  • we'd like as many people as possible to test recent nightlies and the upcoming beta with Windows 7; there's some concern about how well the implementation of Aero Peek tab previews are working (see bug 474056 and dependencies)
  • there's an ongoing discussion about how we plan on updating Firefox 3.5 users to Firefox 3.6 when it's ready for release

Firefox Future

  • Stephen Horlander continues to QB discussions about changes to the Firefox 3.7 theme on the wiki and his blog
  • Alex Faaborg and the UX team are looking at how to simplify our Preferences panels
  • Jennifer Boriss, Dave Townsend and Nick Nguyen are looking at updating the Add-on manager and Extensions API to be more flexible
  • we're also starting to think about how to phase in process separation in Firefox 3.7 and 4.0


  • In our CrashKill meetings we are still digging through top crashers and reaching out to vendors. We still need contacts for vendors who produce top crashing add-ons. If you have contacts at one of these that you can share, please comment in the bug. Also, if you want to keep the contact info confidential, you can mark your comment as private as well.
  • Thanks to BitDefender who is pushing out fixes to their toolbar in response to our outreach. It's still early, but we're watching crash reports to make sure we see those crash numbers drop.
  • Blockers:
  • Team blocker numbers:
  • SpiderMonkey Happenings
    • Continuous Perf Improvements
    • ES5 coming together well
    • Most blockers seem to be well understood

Branch work: Firefox 3.0.x / Firefox 3.5.x / Thunderbird 2.0.0.x



  • KaiRo not here today - party on the eve of the 2.0 release (in cooperation with local organization here in Vienna)
  • And that's also the main news: SeaMonkey 2.0 release is on track for an early morning (Pacific Time) release tomorrow!
  • Any fans of the suite on this meeting, please spread the word - and party like it's 2.0! ;-)



Last Week

This Week

Release Engineering

  • split mochitest landed last week
    • should speed up turnaround times and help isolate failures
    • bug thanks to everyone who helped get the trees back to normal, esp. sdwilsh (sheriff) and dbaron
  • releng blogging blitz this week
  • note about the upcoming planned power outage on November 14th
    • all the build network Nokia's n810 are located in the office and will be affected by this outage and will be *OFFLINE* for the weekend. Mobile build coverage will obviously be affected.


Test Execution

  • Fx3.6b1 testing in progress.
  • Fx3.0.15 and Fx3.5.4 shipped to beta
    • Mozmill automation is now covering 92% Smoketests & 33% BFTs runs!
  • Fennec QA status: 36 fixed, 102 triaged

Web Dev Testing

  • Tested Jetpack, Personas,
  • Tested AMO 5.2 for release last week
  • Tested SUMO 1.4.1 for release last week
  • Automating test cases: Landed Truman's breadcrumb testcase along with Milos' testcases for SUMO

Metrics, Accessibility, Localization, Community

Test Development


  • No updates this week.




Five Years of Firefox

  • Nov. 9, 2009
  • "Light the World with Firefox"
    • Celebrating the milestone by having fun with light & the Firefox logo. You can participate by loading a picture or video to Flickr with the new tag "Firefox5". Best pictures & actions rewarded with cool Firefox swag!
  • Show your support:
  • Firefox Parties:
    • Looking for party hosts! Please get in your swag requests here
  • Join us at the SF Party...more details to coming, including RSVP:

Mozilla Service Week

  • Ciber Voluntarios.org recognized Mozilla Service Week with an award for Corporate Social Responsibility!




  • No updates this week. <3


  • Plugin Check page – we blogged with results from the first week since the page went live
  • User Outreach – we currently have feedback buttons on three critical Fx pages (Getting Started, Firstrun, and Whatsnew). We've been able to identify a couple user pain points (analysis and blog post coming soon). Does anyone want to guess the #1 comment from users?


  • Last week was WOFF week - lots of good feedback and press about it.
  • Automattic announced they would support Theora on wordpress.com for VideoPress.
  • Developer Survey coming together - will want help from people this week on promoting it and getting developer people involved.
  • Also will want help spreading news about some exciting WebGL stuff this week.


Developer Tools


  • AMO 5.2 launched last Tuesday with support for Personas and new statistics for developers
  • Kicking off Firefox 3.6 compatibility efforts. Currently at 36%
  • Add-on Compatibility Reporter was announced last week
  • Add-ons Meetup at 7pm tomorrow night in Mountain View, RSVP!



  • Calling our l10n community to action. Firefox 3.6 RC is string frozen, just 9 strings since Beta. Get your strings landed, and listen to community feedback from Beta and the nightlies.
  • Webwork on Fennec, Thunderbird; Firefox 3.6, FxFy, plugincheck in the pipeline
  • De-beta-ed Firefox 3.5 bn-BD

Foundation Updates

  • Help turn the open Web into a rich learning environment and explore new possibilities for using Firefox add-ons to support learning online. We're announcing the start of the Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge, sponsored by the Mozilla Foundation with support from the MacArthur Foundation. This is just one of many things going on with Mozilla Education.
  • A dormant accounts policy is being implemented; if you haven't used a particular SCM account for more than six months, it will be deactivated for security reasons. You can file a bug to get it reactivated - this should be a simple and quick process. Let us know if it's not.
  • Mozilla Drumbeat is moving into pilot mode over the coming weeks. As part of this, Mark posted a call for sample content to include on the Drumbeat website currently being mocked up. Join the weekly Drumbeat call on Monday at 8AM PST or comment on the blog posts to share your ideas.


  • Daylight savings time ends in North America this weekend