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Agenda - Planning Meeting - 2010-04-29

  • 1st Milestones
    • Overview: where are we at? What has been done and still needs to be done?
    • women contributors in mozilla
    • survey: what have we gathered? Starting to organize the survey/questionnaire
    • videos: how to we integrate the questions with the survey idea?

Meeting Notes

  • 1st Milestones
    • Overview: where are we at? What has been done and still needs to be done? Early in the Roadmap milestones concerning the Newcomers Project, but a bit late concerning the Internal survey (http://womoz.org/wiki/doku.php?id=fosdem2010_daily_agenda#roadmap_2010)
    • women contributors in Mozilla: have been contacted, we've even received some feedback from some. Still need to concentrate all info on same wiki page
    • survey: what have we gathered? Starting to organize the survey/questionnaire. We need to gather all the info we have on the womoz wiki and to organize the Survey Team. Dedicated meeting for survey team planned for Thrusday May 6th
    • videos: how to we integrate the questions with the survey idea? Mariana, Gloria and Delphine are working on this

  • IRC Log:
      (17:58:46) delphine: we can start the meeting in a few minutes
      (17:58:49) Xaya: how are you delphine ?
      (17:59:02) delphine: I'm fine thanks Xaya
      (17:59:47) Xaya: :)
      (18:00:50) delphine: are you all ok if we start the meeting now?
      (18:01:38) delphine: here is the agenda for those who haven't seen yet:
      (18:01:45) delphine: https://wiki.mozilla.org/WoMoz/Meetings/2010-04-29_Planning_Meeting
      (18:02:16) delphine: I suggest to start with a quick overview of where we're at with the roadmap and all
      (18:02:20) delphine: and evolve from there
      (18:02:27) Izel: delphine : yessss
      (18:02:37) delphine: ok great :)
      (18:02:50) delphine: so as you can see from the roadmap actually here:
      (18:03:00) delphine: http://womoz.org/wiki/doku.php?id=fosdem2010_daily_agenda#roadmap_2010
      (18:03:22) delphine: we're late for some tasks according to the milestones, but early for some othersv 
      (18:03:25) marianyka: hi girls and boys!
      (18:03:25) delphine: others
      (18:03:34) delphine: hi marianyka
      (18:03:37) delphine: !
      (18:03:41) Izel: hi :)
      (18:03:44) delphine: glad you could make it
      (18:04:05) marianyka: :)
      (18:04:16) delphine: so as you see we're "early" on the newcomers team, since that was planned until only later this year
      (18:04:31) delphine: wich is goood :)
      (18:04:35) Izel: :D
      (18:04:47) delphine: however as we're also late on the survey/questionnaire part
      (18:05:05) marianyka: yap :(
      (18:05:07) delphine: which is less good if we want to get on going with the rest
      (18:05:10) delphine: yup
      (18:05:27) delphine: so as we were saying with marianyka
      (18:05:50) delphine: we suggest to contact the interested people directly instead of spamming the mailing list
      (18:05:55) delphine: in order to get things going on
      (18:06:15) delphine: and start working  more on the survey concretely to be able to send it out after
      (18:06:40) delphine: marianyka: is the google doc you sent me online somewhere else?
      (18:06:41) marianyka: is there anyone here that woluld like to help with the survey?
      (18:07:03) marianyka: delphine: I sent it to the ml
      (18:07:10) delphine: yes we have an initial list of people, but it would be great if anyone else wants to help too!
      (18:07:14) delphine: marianyka: yes that's right
      (18:07:19) delphine: ok
      (18:07:26) marianyka: the idea was to discuss it and put it in the wiki
      (18:07:48) delphine: ok we should start this discussion directly with the initial list of people then 
      (18:08:08) delphine: About gathering the feedback from inside the community
      (18:08:30) delphine: I've received responses and gathered that in an (ugy - still needs to be sorted out) list
      (18:08:36) marianyka: and who is the inicial list of people? are they avilable right now?
      (18:08:41) delphine: basically I'm still missing answers from like QA
      (18:08:44) delphine: and web design
      (18:08:50) delphine: marianyka: I will find that now
      (18:09:30) delphine: marianyka: this list is also somewhere on the ml, but first quickly it's also here: 
      (18:09:31) delphine: http://womoz.org/wiki/doku.php?id=todo_list
      (18:09:40) delphine: bottom of page, under survey in the chart
      (18:10:26) delphine: ah marianyka: the list from the ml is this "Mariana, Kataryzna, Pavel, Myriam, Lukas and me (but not on elaborating the questions though... I'm not good enough at surveys for that. I can work on localization)"
      (18:10:36) delphine: me is me here :)
      (18:11:06) delphine: I'm going to put the list of contacted women somewhere on the wiki, and send it out on the ml too
      (18:11:12) delphine: btw
      (18:11:22) delphine: some have already started to give feedback and impressions
      (18:11:25) delphine: in their responses
      (18:11:28) delphine: which is great
      (18:12:08) marianyka: delphine: ok, are they all available right now? I was wondering since no one has answered :-S
      (18:12:38) delphine: marianyka: I don't see them online here right now, but we can send them a mail right after this meeting for example
      (18:12:47) delphine: we can ask them
      (18:12:59) delphine: and if anyone here is interested, please jummp in
      (18:13:03) delphine: :)
      (18:13:20) Izel: Ok. I am interested :D
      (18:13:37) delphine: Izel: hehe, thanks :) 
      (18:13:48) marianyka: ok, so depending on de answers... we'll have the survey team to star elaborating the questions and the rest
      (18:13:52) kinouchou: hello
      (18:13:57) delphine: we could even hold small meetings dedicated to this question all together
      (18:14:01) marianyka: izel: great!
      (18:14:05) delphine: yes
      (18:14:11) delphine: perfect! sounds great
      (18:14:24) delphine: and also, jumping on the video and the questions here btw: 
      (18:14:28) Izel: :D. 
      (18:14:32) delphine: http://chicasopensourcelatam.noc-root.net/doku.php?id=preguntas_de_entrevista
      (18:14:45) delphine: Izel: in the videos you made, have you kept more or less these questions?
      (18:14:48) marianyka: delphine: specials meetings sound great, it will be faster
      (18:14:54) delphine: I was wondering suddenly
      (18:15:04) delphine: marianyka: ok great, yes let's do that then!
      (18:15:12) delphine: yes will be probably more efficient
      (18:15:19) Izel: I think... we have to asd less questions
      (18:15:20) delphine: to dedicate an entire session just to this
      (18:15:50) delphine: yes I'm still wondering how we can incorporate the questions with the making of videos
      (18:15:53) Izel: because people (specially girls) sometimes speak a lot about their work in Open Source 
      (18:15:54) delphine: like marianyka's idea
      (18:16:09) delphine: ah yes, you mean they have a lot to say?
      (18:16:17) Izel: yes
      (18:16:47) delphine: yes I see, we can talk about this all together and see
      (18:16:51) marianyka: i'd do it like in lukkas video
      (18:16:53) Izel: because Girls work is not always visible ann they thinks videos is a good way to make their work visible
      (18:17:06) delphine: yes lukkas video is really neat for that
      (18:17:09) delphine: yes
      (18:17:11) delphine: right
      (18:17:34) marianyka: few and close questions to get the profile and just ONE question for her to explain 
      (18:17:52) Izel: So, I think we have to still working on videos... but different ones. 
      (18:17:53) delphine: yes
      (18:17:56) delphine: exactly
      (18:18:10) delphine: I'd like to send and put online too the feedback that the women sent on their own
      (18:18:21) delphine: because that might help us too in the questions
      (18:18:34) delphine: since it's the feedback that they naturally give out, without asking anything
      (18:18:37) delphine: I don't know
      (18:18:47) Izel: I think .. we have to make videos by subject.. For example, girls working in education using Open source
      (18:18:56) delphine: I"ll look in the wiki and find an appropriate place to put all this
      (18:18:57) marianyka: my inicial idea was to join interviews and video in one thing, but surveys came too late
      (18:19:21) delphine: Izel: that's a good idea as well yes
      (18:19:38) delphine: marianyka: yes i see what you mean
      (18:19:53) delphine: maybe we can still find a way to combine this in the future though
      (18:20:01) delphine: if it's not too long/;complicated
      (18:20:03) Izel: marianyka: what do you mean in to publish the video and the Questions?
      (18:20:45) delphine: ah I think that's explained in some meeting notes somewhere, let me see
      (18:21:36) delphine: No can't find it
      (18:21:42) delphine: marianyka: do you want to explain?
      (18:21:51) marianyka: the idea was to apply the survey by videocalls so then we have material in images and the info itself
      (18:22:22) delphine: right, so the videos would "serve" the same purpose as the written survet
      (18:22:24) delphine: survey
      (18:22:36) marianyka: so.... looking to the future... we can make some short collage as a presentation of womoz in te web
      (18:22:51) delphine: yes, that would be really cool btw
      (18:22:57) Izel: :D       
      (18:22:59) marianyka: or use them as the entire long version
      (18:23:21) marianyka: and we could use them in our presentations for different events
      (18:23:22) delphine: or women in open source, in different domains (which is the same actually when you think of it ^^)
      (18:23:38) Izel: marianyka:Yes ....
      (18:24:00) delphine: and to give moer visibility to women and their work in open sourcre
      (18:24:01) marianyka: so the izel's idea of cathegories it's great
      (18:24:02) Izel: and girls.. that`s why I say Is important to have a topic for each video
      (18:24:31) Izel: because, we can show videos depending the event..
      (18:24:45) delphine: or the topic can also come by itself, according to what the women works in? no? (don't know if this makes sense...)
      (18:24:53) Izel: if is an event about education or about documentation or about coding
      (18:25:15) marianyka: so... let's suppose we are going to an educational congress... we can choose just the ones in this field
      (18:25:20) delphine: we should definitely discuss this topic with the entire survey team, I'll add it in today's notes
      (18:25:27) delphine: yes exxactly
      (18:25:48) Izel: Delphine: For example in my video about latinamerican girls in FLOSS there are girls working on different open source areas
      (18:25:58) delphine: and it might make it easier to understand the different existing 'panels" 
      (18:26:06) delphine: yes right
      (18:26:23) delphine: so you can like sort each one in a topic
      (18:26:28) delphine: in a specific topic I mean
      (18:26:32) marianyka: it's definitely something we want to talk about in te meeting
      (18:26:39) Izel: yes :D
      (18:26:41) delphine: like education, games, etc.
      (18:26:43) delphine: yes
      (18:26:52) delphine: that sounds good yes
      (18:27:00) delphine: (adding it to notes)
      (18:27:20) delphine: so basically the material we already have is
      (18:27:34) delphine: (to get organized with this)
      (18:27:35) delphine: the google docs also sent on the ml
      (18:27:36) marianyka: and it's easy... just adding one inicial question : in which area of FLOSS do you work/collaborate?
      (18:27:43) delphine: yes! exactly :)
      (18:28:01) delphine: 2. the questions and videos from Izel
      (18:28:04) Izel: And for example ...  to answer the question : Why so few women?  we can use the video interviews ...
      (18:28:10) delphine: (questions on the wiki link sent previously)
      (18:28:34) delphine: we can use both actually (written and video), no?
      (18:28:39) Izel: delphine: yes... and I think my 9th question is VERY important too
      (18:29:00) delphine: Izel: yes, definitely
      (18:29:03) Izel: delphine : yes :)
      (18:29:08) delphine:  Cuales según tu, son los principales  obstaculos para las mujeres en estos proyectos Open Source? (Which are,  in your opinion, the most important barriers for women in Open Source?) 
      (18:29:19) Izel: delphine: yes :D
      (18:29:22) delphine: we should add the same about mozilla probably
      (18:29:28) marianyka: we need to define the team so that we can analyse the material (questions in wiki and feedback from izel) and create the first (internal) survey
      (18:29:33) delphine: to know if mozilla in particular has some "obstacles" for women
      (18:29:55) delphine: marianyka: yes
      (18:29:58) delphine: absolutely
      (18:30:01) Izel: yes .. I would like to contribute with this topic.
      (18:30:11) marianyka: delphine: yap, that's the main purpose for the internal
      (18:30:14) delphine: Izel: great! :) that's awesome
      (18:30:25) delphine: marianyka: yup :)
      (18:30:25) Izel: I want to help to choose the questions for video interviews
      (18:31:04) delphine: yes that would be really great, so we can combine both video and written sources
      (18:31:10) delphine: that would be awesome I find
      (18:31:35) delphine: ok so next immediate step is the team and we can start that right after the meeting
      (18:31:58) marianyka: so... first: define who are in the team
      (18:31:58) delphine: if you have any other ideas for the questions right now we can discuss them here
      (18:32:02) Izel: :D yes ... And there are some articles wrote buy Val Henson about this topic (Why so few women in floss? )
      (18:32:19) delphine: and an interesting work that lukas pointed out too
      (18:32:21) Izel: by *
      (18:32:27) Izel: yesss!!!
      (18:32:28) marianyka: 2nd: analyze what we already have
      (18:32:31) delphine: have to remember the name
      (18:32:34) delphine: :)
      (18:32:54) delphine: marianyka: yes
      (18:32:59) Izel: and yesterday a friend of mine finished her Doctorate work about women in IT and Open source
      (18:33:13) delphine: that's were I also have to gather all the info we already have in the same place
      (18:33:15) delphine: a logical place
      (18:33:17) marianyka: 3rd: set a team-meeting to define the survey questions
      (18:33:28) Izel: seh has good material.. and her work was the best !! sher score was 5 over 5
      (18:33:30) delphine: yes
      (18:34:01) delphine: Izel: yes!! is it cristina ....
      (18:34:05) delphine: don't remember the last name
      (18:34:11) delphine: she speaks french and english
      (18:34:20) delphine: marianyka: yes
      (18:34:31) delphine: we could from the first meeting then define how many more we need
      (18:34:34) delphine: if we need more, etc
      (18:34:47) delphine: just dedicated to the questions and all
      (18:35:03) Izel: delphine: yes :D
      (18:35:07) marianyka: delphine: as soon as you have some answers we have to set the meeting
      (18:35:18) delphine: marianyka: ok perfect
      (18:35:25) delphine: That's my todo then after the meeting
      (18:35:26) marianyka: in the meanwhile, let's gather all the info in one place
      (18:35:29) delphine: yes
      (18:35:31) delphine: exactly
      (18:35:52) delphine: I've been looking on the wiki and maybe the survey page is the best place
      (18:35:59) delphine: even if we change it around a bit
      (18:36:03) delphine: let me see where that is
      (18:36:10) marianyka: izel: do you have some notes of your interviews that would like to share?
      (18:36:12) delphine: here: http://www.womoz.org/wiki/doku.php?id=survey
      (18:36:31) delphine: Izel: yes and do you need help with anything for the videos, or something?
      (18:37:07) Izel: marianyka: yes... tha´s why  the first and seccond questions now are in one
      (18:37:12) delphine: ah yes it would be interesting to have the questions that were asked in the end in the videos for example
      (18:37:50) delphine: while we're talking about videos
      (18:37:54) delphine: btw
      (18:38:05) delphine: I finished lukas video about women in open source
      (18:38:10) Izel: delphine: hmmm maybe i will need help translating (subtitles)
      (18:38:13) delphine: I mean, writting out the english text
      (18:38:19) marianyka: it's very important to get to a strong design of the survey because we shouldn't change it later
      (18:38:26) delphine: Izel: sure I can help with for example french and english
      (18:38:35) Izel: :D
      (18:38:36) delphine: marianyka: exactly
      (18:38:52) delphine: Izel: and we can send also out a message on the ml to see if anyone is interested as well
      (18:38:58) delphine: and here :)
      (18:39:01) marianyka: it's esencial for cross-eddinting afterwards
      (18:39:27) delphine: yes and we've already been through survey "pbs" so this time we have learned from this ;à
      (18:39:28) delphine: ;)
      (18:39:38) delphine: I agree, we should be really careful about this
      (18:39:55) delphine: there is someone else I will ask if she's interested
      (18:40:09) delphine: she is very good in writing out survey questions, and she works in open source
      (18:40:22) delphine: I think she's participated on the womoz ml before, her name is rayna
      (18:40:34) delphine: I will ask her in case she wants to help, or even take a look
      (18:40:37) delphine: we'll see
      (18:40:46) marianyka: it's important that we all undestand this, because I've seen "wars " because of people that want to change an ongoing survey and believe me it's not good :(
      (18:40:57) delphine: yes, I believe you!!
      (18:40:59) delphine: I know
      (18:41:20) delphine: we have to be careful and be very solid about the questinos
      (18:41:21) delphine: questions
      (18:41:39) marianyka: anyway... that's something we'll discuss later on
      (18:41:42) delphine: aboslutely
      (18:42:20) delphine: so yes I was wondering also, Izel did you want to put your videos online maybe somewhere?
      (18:42:29) marianyka: and delphine, do you think it's possible to present some results in Whistler?
      (18:42:31) delphine: when they are ready of course :)
      (18:42:46) delphine: marianyka: well since whistler is in july, I really hope so
      (18:43:04) delphine: at least the beginning of results
      (18:43:15) delphine: we'll have to discuss this too with all the team
      (18:43:19) marianyka: do yo have some aprox idea of the amount of mozilla women?
      (18:43:23) delphine: to make sure we agree of the milestones
      (18:43:29) delphine: and that we can keep them
      (18:43:40) delphine: marianyka: you mean all domains comined?
      (18:43:48) delphine: I'd have to add them
      (18:43:54) delphine: they are seperated right now
      (18:44:09) delphine: but when I put the list online I'll have that
      (18:44:17) delphine: let me see if I can quickly have an idea
      (18:44:24) delphine: from the numbers I've listed
      (18:44:24) marianyka: delphine: I mean the women to apply the survey
      (18:44:26) Izel: delphine: yes I have to put my videos online.. but I need a server
      (18:44:29) delphine: marianyka: aaah
      (18:44:47) Izel: delphine: anyway, this weekend I have the last interviews
      (18:44:51) delphine: Izel: ah yes I see
      (18:44:55) marianyka: it's hundreds or just a few?
      (18:44:58) delphine: Izel: ok cool
      (18:45:08) delphine: marianyka: no more like less than 100 :)
      (18:45:18) delphine: for the internal survey
      (18:45:25) delphine: even more like 50 max I'd say
      (18:45:31) delphine: just looking at numbers quickly
      (18:45:45) marianyka: delphine: ok, so there's some work to do yet... haha
      (18:46:00) delphine: marianyka: yes
      (18:46:30) delphine: So I will publish all the info relevant to the survey here ok: 
      (18:46:35) delphine: http://www.womoz.org/wiki/doku.php?id=survey
      (18:46:45) delphine: that's the 'best' place i've found on the wiki
      (18:46:47) Izel: ok 
      (18:46:57) delphine: so that we don't open too many other pages
      (18:46:59) delphine: ok
      (18:47:05) marianyka: delphine: maybe we need to start working with deadlines... like... send the mail asking for an answer before X day... and set a meeting soon
      (18:47:25) delphine: marianyka: yes I'll send the mail for the answer today
      (18:47:33) delphine: that's the first deadline I guess
      (18:47:53) marianyka: ok, it's there's the place to gather all the info and process
      (18:48:07) delphine: And then we once we get an answer, maybe we can say the deadline for the meeting is max.2 weeks later than that (one would be better though)
      (18:48:37) delphine: marianyka: that I can do this week/beggining of next week, with the help maybe of Izel if there's anything to add about the videos
      (18:48:39) delphine: and such
      (18:49:21) delphine: and then I suggest that we decide immediately of the next milestones with the rest of the team
      (18:49:23) marianyka: ok, delphine, but please ask them to answer soon, otherwise we'll spend much time waiting for answers
      (18:49:28) delphine: to make sure we're all ok with our agendas and all
      (18:49:36) delphine: and that we don't have unexpected surprise
      (18:49:37) delphine: s
      (18:49:41) delphine: marianyka: yes
      (18:49:45) delphine: absolutely
      (18:49:53) marianyka: delphine: I agree
      (18:50:13) delphine: ok perfect, should we think of anything else right now about this? o
      (18:50:29) delphine: I think that's all, but i'm maybe forgetting something
      (18:50:31) Izel: ... hmmm no 
      (18:50:38) delphine: for the immediate action at least
      (18:50:55) delphine: ok so to finish this meeting
      (18:50:59) marianyka: so let's say... if you are sending the mail today we should get an answer by wednesday
      (18:51:10) marianyka: ok?
      (18:51:16) delphine: marianyka: 
      (18:51:17) delphine: yes
      (18:51:21) delphine: that's a good date
      (18:51:38) delphine: and if we don't get answers we write again :) or find the plan B we talked about :)
      (18:51:47) delphine: but I think it should be ok
      (18:51:53) marianyka: can we set the first team meeting for next thursday?
      (18:51:57) delphine: we must insist on the importance of it though
      (18:52:07) delphine: Let's propose this, that would be great
      (18:52:19) delphine: if not, the following week, any day
      (18:52:24) Izel: delphine Ok
      (18:52:25) delphine: for example
      (18:52:45) marianyka: ok
      (18:52:45) delphine: perfect , yes let's do like that!
      (18:52:58) delphine: ok
      (18:53:10) Izel: girls .. I a¡have a Question for you.. but is not about topics of this meeting
      (18:53:16) delphine: yes go ahead
      (18:53:28) marianyka: delphine: let me know if you need some support 
      (18:53:38) delphine: we have almost finished covering the topics in time :)
      (18:53:42) delphine: marianyka: great thanks! :)
      (18:53:43) delphine: sure
      (18:54:06) Izel: girls  ... I received an invitation to Mozilla summit in Canada 
      (18:54:14) delphine: Izel: yes
      (18:54:20) delphine: that's whistler yes
      (18:54:22) Izel: do you receive the invitation too?
      (18:54:33) Izel: did*
      (18:54:43) delphine: Izel: I don't receive an invitation as I'm an employee :) so i just go there
      (18:55:02) delphine: but I think they are sending out slowly the invitation
      (18:55:03) delphine: s
      (18:55:08) delphine: to people in the community
      (18:55:27) delphine: however I'm not in charge of the invitations so I really don't know more
      (18:55:31) Izel: delphine: Good. I accepted. this time i am on vacations :D 
      (18:55:39) Greg a quitté le salon (quit: Quit: Leaving.)
      (18:55:42) delphine: Izel: good! that's great :)
      (18:55:44) marianyka: that's a problem for the ones who need to get a visa
      (18:55:52) Xaya a quitté le salon (quit: Connection reset by peer)
      (18:56:00) delphine: marianyka: yes I imagine
      (18:56:08) Xaya [malkavian@moz-7F5BF2D3.fbx.proxad.net] a rejoint le salon.
      (18:56:15) delphine: Ok so one last thing
      (18:56:19) delphine: or 2 actually
      (18:56:31) Izel: so, we can meet  and to work about videos there.. I think we will find girls
      (18:56:54) delphine: about the newcomers team, we have started to work on this early and I suggest that we talk about it more in depth at the next womoz meeting as well
      (18:57:10) delphine: because there are many interesting things there too
      (18:57:23) delphine: and also
      (18:57:24) marianyka: yes please
      (18:57:30) delphine: marianyka: btw
      (18:57:44) delphine: about the newcomers team, I'm going to send you right now some links with some more info
      (18:57:54) marianyka: ok
      (18:58:00) delphine: we had talked about it during meetings and so you can read more about it here!
      (18:58:01) delphine: :
      (18:58:16) Izel: delphine : ok :D
      (18:58:38) delphine: https://wiki.mozilla.org/WoMoz/Meetings/2010-03-04_Planning_Meeting
      (18:58:55) delphine: https://wiki.mozilla.org/WoMoz/Meetings/2010-04-01_Planning_Meeting
      (18:59:13) delphine: https://wiki.mozilla.org/WoMoz/Meetings/2010-04-07_Planning_Meeting
      (18:59:27) delphine: so you can catch up a bit if you want before we talk about it again :)
      (18:59:33) marianyka: delphine: great! something exactly where I can help?
      (19:00:30) delphine: marianyka: we can get together with AlinaM to talk about this because we are working on this a lot together lately. We're just starting so we're still trying to think of ways to make this work out, so sure if you want to help out with the sstart of this brainstorming it would be great!
      (19:00:58) delphine: we are also talking with david boswell about this, you can join our next meeting as well for example if you're interested
      (19:01:11) delphine: I can keep you updated about that in any case of course :)
      (19:01:13) marianyka: delphine: I'm totally in!
      (19:01:19) delphine: marianyka: cool !!
      (19:01:21) delphine: :)
      (19:01:23) Izel: delphine: that`s great!!
      (19:01:24) delphine: sounds great
      (19:01:28) delphine: :D
      (19:01:35) marianyka: maybe we can set some short meeting and talk about it?
      (19:01:41) delphine: yes it's really an interesting project to work on 
      (19:01:48) delphine: marianyka: absolutely
      (19:02:06) delphine: AlinaM: hey! still here? a day you'd prefer for a talk with marianyka about newcomers,
      (19:02:07) delphine: ?
      (19:02:16) delphine: (if not I'll send her a mail right now)
      (19:02:25) marianyka: ok
      (19:02:52) marianyka: delphine: as we are all in the same hour time, we could meet earlier too
      (19:03:23) delphine: yup
      (19:03:25) delphine: absolutely
      (19:03:39) marianyka: when is it a good time for you?
      (19:03:54) delphine: ok I sent a mail
      (19:04:01) delphine: ah! :) any hour
      (19:04:08) delphine: except too early and during lunch ;)
      (19:04:13) delphine: mmm
      (19:04:28) delphine: anytime in the afternoon for example, any day sounds fine
      (19:04:29) marianyka: delphine: agree!! :D
      (19:04:42) delphine: marianyka: perfect then :)
      (19:04:51) delphine: I think it will be the same for AlinaM so.. ;)
      (19:04:58) delphine: we'll just wait for her answer
      (19:05:15) delphine: ok so I unfortunately have to go soon, but one last thing
      (19:05:18) marianyka: depending on the day, I'm almost always connected
      (19:05:18) delphine: just a notice
      (19:05:23) delphine: marianyka: ok
      (19:05:31) delphine: yes same here actually :)
      (19:05:41) delphine: we have a new design for the website ready
      (19:05:46) delphine: we just have to get it online
      (19:05:53) marianyka: yay!!
      (19:05:55) Izel: :D
      (19:06:05) delphine: and if anyone wishes to work on it or change it or whatever, they are welcome
      (19:06:17) delphine: but at least now we have something, which is really cool :D
      (19:06:25) delphine: we will have the blog as the main landing page
      (19:06:34) delphine: and links to the wiki and the rest from there
      (19:06:39) delphine: let me see where that link is....
      (19:06:43) marianyka: cool ;)
      (19:08:17) delphine: ok great, of course now I can't find it :)
      (19:08:38) marianyka: np you can send it later to the ml
      (19:08:47) delphine: yes I will do this in any case :)
      (19:08:56) Izel: delphine: don`t worry... you can send the information by ml ... 
      (19:09:00) delphine: if ever I find it soon I'll send it here, but just to say, that's done :)
      (19:09:06) delphine: thanks girsl ;)
      (19:09:10) vincentxavier: hi
      (19:09:10) Izel: :D 
      (19:09:17) marianyka: so, that's it
      (19:09:36) delphine: ah I found it!
      (19:09:40) delphine: marianyka: yes that's it :)
      (19:09:45) Izel: :D :D :D
      (19:09:46) delphine: http://bkreng.elpichu.com/
      (19:09:49) delphine: I think it's this
      (19:09:53) delphine: the final one
      (19:09:59) delphine: just one or 2 minor things to fix
      (19:10:04) delphine: but just takes a second
      (19:10:17) Izel: delphine: wooow ... I like it
      (19:10:27) marianyka: it's nice ;)
      (19:10:34) delphine: so as I said, we have the theme and all and if ever another team wants to work on it no pb. But yeah I like it too :)
      (19:10:50) delphine: beatrice worked on it a lot, helped by Julia and other contributors as well
      (19:11:06) delphine: so yes that's the end of the meeting I guess :)
      (19:11:10) delphine: thanks a lot girls!
      (19:11:10) Izel: :D :D
      (19:11:34) marianyka: see you then so!
      (19:11:38) delphine: have a great evening/day in the meantime :) I'll post the meeting notes under the agenda as usual</nowiki>