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Mozilla Localization Community India

Indian Languages in Mozilla

Mozilla has 13 active Indian languages. Below please find the list of languages with the respective team leads. Team leads or language coordinators are responsible for activities pertaining to each language and is the first point of contact for each language community or locale.

ASSAMESE (as) - Nilamdyuti Goswami
BENGALI-INDIA (bn-IN) - Biraj Karmakar
GUJARATI (gu-IN) - Ankitkumar Patel
HINDI (hi-IN) - Rajesh Ranjan
KANNADA (kn) - Shankar Prasad
MAITHILI (mai) - Sangeeta Kumari
MALAYALAM (ml) - Ani Peter
MARATHI (mr) - Sandeep Sheshrao Shedmake
ODIA (or) - Manoj Kumar Giri
PUNJABI (pa) - Amanpreet Alam
SANTALI (sat) - Chandrakant Dhutadmal
TAMIL (ta) - Arun Prakash
TELUGU (te) - Krishnababu Krothapalli
URDU (ur) - Huda Sarfraz / Faisal Aziz (India)

To get started with Mozilla Localization

Mozilla Localization Homepage
How Localization process works in Mozilla?
Start Localizing with Mercurial
Start localizing mozilla products using pootle web interface
  • Register and Sign in and select your language and products from account dashboard setting on
Need help to get Started in Localization
  • Join IRC and ping us!
    • on #india, #l10n and channels through server.
Mozilla l10n Dashborad

Helpful Links

To get Nightly build of Mozilla Products
Get all the compiled files of Firefox
Download Firefox in your Language
Download Thunderbird in your Language

Latest Updates and News

Firefox New Release
  • and on sever
For more updates on events
Mozilla India TaskForce L10 Strategy for 2015
  • Primary Goals
    • Encourage number of downloads of localized Firefox Browser & Fennec (Firefox for Mobile)
    • Ensure all major releases of Firefox & Fennec are localized.
  • Secondary Goals
    • Communication
      • Physical Meetup Twice a year(Sprint +Meetup)
      • Every 3rd Wednesday Online Meetup
      • Every Quarter identify language locale around and help them to revamp.
    • Event Formats
      • Product Centric Events (Browser & Fennec)
      • Localization Best Practices for new contributors(Mentoring Days)
      • Monthly Online Sprints for each locale [As per 6 week release cycle]
      • Organizing L10n Sprints/Events focusing on Rural areas.
    • Media/PR Activities
      • Publish news in local newspaper about new language releases.
      • Contact all leads at time of major release.
    • Action Items:
      • Each locale leader to update localization product status on Excel Sheet every 4th Week.[Will be shared Shortly]
      • Creating awareness about Localized builds
      • Mailing List will be announced shortly.
      • Create/maintain a common Wiki Template for all Language Team Page on wiki.
      • Followup with Technical Task force team on Language Team Dashboard.
      • Install-fest in every event with locale build.
      • Brochures on public places about downloading your locale.
      • Connect with Social Media to spread the words about local builds.
      • Promote Indic download during Festivals
      • Social Media Drives.
      • Firefox Download Bucket Challenge. (Similar to Ice Bucket Challenge)
    • Recognitions
      • TBD

Task Force Team


You can learn more about the role of a owner here.

  • Ani Peter


Peers are Contributors who have taken up the additional responsibility to help new comers. You can learn more about the Peers role here.

  • Faisal Aziz
  • Biraj Karmakar


  • Umesh Agarwal
  • Nilamdyuti Goswami
  • Krishnababu Krothapalli
  • Chandan Kumar
  • Aniket Deshpande
  • Meghraj Suthar [:romec]
  • Sudheesh Singanamalla [:ShellHacker]
  • Naresh kumar
  • Anivar Aravind
  • Sara Khan
  • Mohammad Yaseen Khan
  • Omshivaprakash
  • Manoj Giri
  • Chandrakant Dhutadmal


  • 20-May-2015 |Agenda[1]| Meeting Notes [2]

Team Contact

IRC []