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Tools & Resources

  • Mozilla Community Marketing guide
  • The Firefox Affiliates program is a great way to share your love of Firefox and other Mozilla products. Host buttons on your site and climb your way to fame on the leaderboard. Learn more »
  • Read what others are doing
  • If you are a student, here are some ways to get started


Various printable and downloadable materials exist to help Mozillians spread the word about Mozilla and educate people about specific areas of the project that anyone get contribute to.

Attending an Event

Representing Mozilla at an event requires a bit of preparation, here's a quick checklist as you prepare to attend an event.

More info about attending an event

Organizing your own event

Hosting a Mozilla event is a lot of fun but involves a little bit of preparation of course. Here's some standard procedures that can help make your event a success.

More info about hosting an event

Setting up a booth

If you're planning on holding a Mozilla booth at a conference or a trade show, here's a practical checklist you'll find useful to make sure you've got a nice and fun booth that can attract lots of people :)

More info about running a Mozilla booth

Expense Reimbursement Policy

Detailed info about Expense Reimbursement Policy

Event Types


Small and regular event, that gathers local Mozillians and Mozilla enthusiasts, to update them on recent Mozilla news.

More info about Mozilla Coffees

Project Specific Hackathon

Day long (or more) focused event on a specific project of Mozilla (or the Open Web).

More info about hackathons

Mozilla Tour

A tour to promote Mozilla within a region that involves traveling around to different cities and hosting events in a short period of time

More info about Mozilla Tours

Events Toolkit

Presentation slide decks and templates

Here's a collection (updated regularly) of great slides decks and templates you can use, re-use and hack at will for your event.

Topics and ideas for talks

If you plan to give a talk or lead a workshop about Mozilla, here's a list of recommended topics and ideas.

Print-collateral and Videos

In this section, you can find print-collateral and videos you can easily download for your event.

Style and Assets

  • One Mozilla style guide ( — this is a very big first step toward creating a comprehensive guide that defines what it means for a website, logo, product, presentation, video, etc to look & feel like Mozilla.
  • Assets repository ( — we now have a public site where we'll be keeping our design files so they can be more easily be made available to anyone who needs them. It's also the back-end powering all the logo and template downloads in the style guide.

Note: the above URL is temporary… the plan is to move it to (

Skills Development Webinars

Here's a great roundup of free/cheap webinars aimed at communicators for nonprofits.

Technology Grab Bag

The Mozilla Developer Engagement team has put together a grab bag of definitions, presentations, demos and info about latest open web technologies. Very useful for conference attending/presenting!

Contributor Program Resources

Events/ Speaker request form

  • Anyone can make a event/ speaker request with Mozilla India by filling this form:
  • Event task force have access to the form submissions
  • What is the role of the Events task force team?

Events Task Force Team will review the submissions each week.
Reviewing process includes the following steps ,

Step 1: Look for nearest event date
Step 2: Check event location and look for nearest Active Mozillian/ Mozilla Rep
Step 3: Email nearest active Mozillian and assign the event to him/ her.

  • If the applicant has listed a reference, if the reference contact is active and from same city, event would be assigned to him. In any case the reference contact may be put in the loop throughout the planning
  • In all emails CC: <>

Step 4: Assigned Rep reviews the event and connects with the applicant directly. It is reps responsibility to followup and update status
Step 5: Task force team will use 4 statuses - Assigned | Under review | Planning | Cancelled

Engagement Task Force Team

The Mozilla India Engagement team is a umbrella of various engagement channels that are active in the regional community.

Events, Campaigns & Logistics


You can learn more about the role of a owner here.


Mentors are Contributors who have taken up the additional responsibility to help new comers. You can learn more about the Mentor role here.

Social Media

We are the Social voice of the most diverse Mozilla regional Community - the Mozilla India. We are self driven, dedicated, and well professional team focused on spreading Mozilla mission and its values to netizens of India. Our contents are inspired by Mozilla and developed by Mozilla India. Apart from regular posts, we are managing online campaigns with the help of broader Mozilla India Community members.

These are the accounts managed by the Social Team:

Excited to Join?

  1. Are you passionate to volunteering for Mozilla?
  2. Do you think You can make impacts through Social Media to protect the open Web?
  3. Can you experiment the combination of Image, Video, Copy and link within the 140 character limit?
  4. Analyze engagement and update our strategies

How can you help?

  • Share our Social Media channels in your events and ask the attendees to like/follow
  • Invite your friends and families to like/follow our channels
  • Engage with our contents (ie. like the original post, share and retweet it with your personal account)


  1. Any one awesome is eligible to join. That means you are too :)
  2. Admin roles for Social Media accounts will be handled by the Social Media Task Force Lead
  3. When there is a change in leadership the new Lead will be given Admin access and the current Lead will be downgraded to lower power. (removed if he/she wants to leave)
  4. New members will be granted permission only if required, after the orientation period by the Task Force Lead.
  5. If any of the Mozilla India community members wants to get shared their contents, they have to contact the Social team. Then Social team will publish the post after the review.


You can learn more about the role of a owner here


Peers are Contributors who have taken up the additional responsibility to help new comers. You can learn more about the Peer role here.