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Ways to Get Involved in Open Comms

We have lots of ways to contribute, from Support to Social to PR, the ways you can help shape our communications program and tell the world about Mozilla are endless.

One time contributions

Social Support Tweeting and Facebook posting

Who: If you want to represent Mozilla Support in social media, this is the place for you. You can tweet or post on Facebook as a Mozillian to help give support to Mozilla software users.

Requirements: Twitter account or a Sprinklr account, an email account and 10 mins of your time. To sign up for a Sprinklr account, contact Madalina (scroll down to "Contact" for contact information).

How to Get Involved: Send an email to the social support mailing list (see contact link below) and check out SUMO Social Support Wiki Page.

Training: Intro slide deck

Contact :Social Support Contact Page or the Admin short list: ,

Find out more information here

Writing A Campaign Tweet or Blog Post

Requirements: Twitter, Facebook, or a social tool such as a website that you can publish on.

How to get involved: [#Art of Code | #10kdays Past: Open Comms Encryption Campaign

Contact: [open comms mailing list below]

Answer a Support Forum Question

[See Also]

Who: Supporters or those looking to get technical with a bundle of empathy for Mozilla open source software users.

Requirements: A support forum account signed up as a contributor, a little reading and introduction

How to get involved: Get Involved SUMO Questions

Training: Visit the link above as well as this list of training tasks: with the first task

Contact: Forum moderators or admins short list:

A Few contributions a week

Localization of SUMO Support Articles

Who: If you know English and can translate it into another language (for example, your native one), help us translate support articles. If you are a technical writer or enjoy writing about open source software, this may also be of interest to you.


  • Good knowledge of your native language
  • English language proficiency
  • Good writing skills
  • Ability to communicate concepts in a simplified way
  • Attention to detail

Time commitment:

  • 15-60 minutes a week
    • If you can help us localize at least two articles a week (which can take between 5 and 30 minutes per article), you will make a huge difference for all users who speak your native language.

How to get involved: Sign up for a SUMO account and get started here


Contact: [Locale Leaders] or [our L10n admin]

Become part of the Comm Reps program

Comm Reps

Who: If you like to write, talk about Mozilla on social media, you are already a step ahead. If Mozilla megaphone sound like you, we could use your help.

Requirements:Mozillian Profile, get one here , Email to PR team a heads-up at Fill out this form first: here Topic of interest from Open Comms team

  • Upcoming (not yet released/announced) projects, product features, etc.
  • Public policy / political statements (beyond what’s on the wiki)
  • Data/statistics on product usage, market share, etc.

How to get involved: Contact

Training: CommSquared Blogpost - older See also: Effective blogpost tips


Support Forum Specialist

Who: Like to troubleshoot Firefox, Firefox for Android, Firefox for iOS, Webmaker or Thunderbird, look here.

Requirements: SUMO support account from

How to get involved: Sign up and start answering questions

Training: Support Forum Get Involved and One and done start here: One and Done task 1

Contact: Admin short list: and

Writing, editing or testing support articles


  • Writers/Editors - If you are a technical writer or enjoy writing about open source software, this may be for you.
  • Firefox users - If you enjoy reading and testing support articles and making suggestions to our writers, give this a shot.


  • Writers/editors: English language proficiency, writing skills and basic image editing skills.
  • Article testers: Attention to detail.

How to get involved: Start here

Training: First Check the knowledge base dashboard and review how to improve the knowledge base

Contact: admin short list:

Time commitment: at least 30 minutes a week.

Tribal Commitment Contributions

Reviewer / Locale Leader for

Who: If you think you have enough experience translating support articles for SUMO, this may be of interest to you.


  • Previous SUMO localization experience
  • Attention to detail
  • Good feedback providing skills
  • Interest in organising an online community
  • Interest in organising offline/online localization sprints

Time commitment:

  • 60-120 minutes a week

How to get involved:

Contact: [Locale Leaders] or [our L10n admin]

Please note: The support forum and knowledge base platform may be undergoing technical changes in the new few months. Contact any SUMO admin for more information of the progress of this project.

Support Forum Moderator

Who: This is a role for active SUMO community members who are on the forums everyday and have an interest in leadership. A moderator is in charge of finding spam, being a leader in the forum community, leading topics and taking initiative in general functionality in the forums.

Requirements: A recommendation from a SUMO admin, as well as 2 or 3 months experience with tribal community contributions.

How to get involved: Sign up for a SUMO account and become involved in the Contributor Forums here as well as the rules here Make sure you contact an admin and make them aware that you are interested in becoming a moderator, they can take you through the commitment steps and be a point of reference for mentor-ship.

Training: Be very familiar with these guidelines: [SUMO Moderation Guidelines or or or or

High profile Media Relations

Who: aimed for an experienced spokesperson or someone who has contacted more than once. Think this is you? If not get started and read more about it CommsSquared


  • Mozillian Profile get one here
  • Contacting the Comms Reps leaders to let them know what you are working on

How to join: How do I join

Contact: Please send an email to

Social Support Reviewer and Leadership roles

Who: For those of you who love to support in social channels like Facebook and Twitter, you can do it for Mozilla. If you like to be social and can work with the social platforms, this role is for you. It will teach you leadership, how to sort support priorities based on community goals, and will introduce you to a great community of people. List of roles here

Requirements: Twitter or Facebook experience, an account in one or the other.

How to get involved: First contact Madalina, the Community Manager about getting a Sprinklr account to get started

Contact: See more Contact information here

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