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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes? -> TBD
  • Nominees for Friends of the Fish Tank:
    • None

Action Items

(who needs to do what that hasn't been recorded in a bug) We should assign people to the open items.



  • Need to check if the carousel within Add-On Manager can be used for SeaMonkey specific content.
    • [Ratty] Discussed this with #amo developers over IRC. Confirmed that the Carousel can be populated but needs admin access. I noticed that one of the slides in the Firefox carousel was still showing St. Patrick's Day theme. amyt tried to delete that slide but ended up deleting the whole carousel, so now the Firefox discovery pane has a large blank space too. So now we are at parity with Firefox, just not the way I expected.
  • bug 1121281 tracks the RelEng automation migration off CVS. Will be migrating to a single repo for all the RelEng tools. Ewong has created a patch and is awaiting a review from Callek.


Status of the SeaMonkey Buildbot Master and Tree

  • Notes:
    • Windows nightly trunk builds are unavailable due to various bugs such as bug 1092468 and bug 1108970. Migrating our Windows builders to Win2008 and our compiler toolchain to VS2013 would likely solve this and other bustages.
    • Ratty has put up some win32 contributed builds on
    • There are also some upcoming changes to L10n build system in Q1 2015 (bug 1107635).
    • Buildmaster is up and running, and produces en-US builds, see 9/16 meeting's Friends of the Fish Tank. Builds and langpacks in 18 languages including en-US are available unofficially thanks to A.Kalla.
    • bug 1083689 Langpacks aren't updated when auto-updating SeaMonkey because they aren't uploaded to AMO. The solution requires changes in SeaMonkey RelEng (and possibly AMO).
    • For various reasons we don't have a working SeaMonkey Treeherder.
    • wrt bug 1155011, we already have a Soccoro token. The patches on bug 1155013 require approval and then pushed and the work-around patches backed out.
  • [4th August 2015]
    • All trees:
      • Windows platform still busted due to needing Win2008R2 installed.
      • We have a loaner which ewong is working on (see blog for more information).
    • comm-central:
  • See RelEng page for the RelEng status history.

Release Train

SeaMonkey 2.35 Release

  • We plan to release SeaMonkey 2.35 asap in August.
    • For windows builds, we have a loaner win machine from Mozilla for us (i.e. ewong) to do manual window builds.
  • I have (albeit inconsistently) generated Nightly Win32 trunk builds (2.39a1) and have uploaded them to
  • bug 1177634 prevented me from building on the loaner. The patch attached to that bug is hot-patched to the source prior to the build. (Since this is a 'building' issue and not an application code issue, it shouldn't affect running SeaMonkey.)
  • Complete/partial snippets are not available as I'm trying to figure 'em out.
  • After having done it for a day, the windows builds were broken by bug 1180065 and bug 1180356.
    • The patch attached to bug 1180065 was manually applied to the buildbotmaster, so it's working now (but needs to be reviewed and pushed to the buildbotcustom repo),
    • bug 1180356 is fixed.
  • Trying to refactor the process to also include the l10n repack steps (which I'm still trying to figure out as I go along).
  • DONE: Again Merge mozilla-esr38 default branch to mozilla-esr38 SEAMONKEY_2_35_RELEASE_BRANCH. We now have all the security and stability fixes that are now in Gecko 38.1.
  • IN PROGRESS: bug 1187952 Update comm-release to pull from mozilla-esr38 SEAMONKEY_2_35_RELEASE_BRANCH only.
  • TO DO: —

Extensions and Plugins Compatibility Tracking

  • See Basics page. Please only list current changes here.
  • Addon Compatibility Listings
  • We are looking for a new place to host the Addon Compatibility Listings for the Add-on Converter in order to make it easy to maintain and to serve as the main database for the AMO browsing extension in the future. The details are in this post.
  • Firefox & Thunderbird Add-on Converter for SeaMonkey
    This tool goes a little further beyond simply modifying install.rdf - it also identifies a few more other things in the code that are Firefox or Thunderbird specific and attempts to change them. Of course, not all extensions can be ported so easily to SeaMonkey since there's only so much an automated tool like that can do.
    • Lemon Juice continues to improve his already impressive Addon Converter. The source is now available on GitHub [1].
    • looking for a better(?) home for extension-converter pages, along with a way to track successful and conversion-failed add-ons, and respective integration into SeaMonkey by add-on or manager overlay [2], bug 1145026.
    • Rainer Bielefeld together with other community members have been updating the list of Firefox addons that have been successfully converted by the Addon Converter.
    • Ratty filed bug 1130390 to add a link on to the Firefox & Thunderbird Add-on Converter for SeaMonkey.
  • The Thunderbird team is now shipping Lightning with Thunderbird. IanN will work on shipping lightning too. Related bugs:
    • bug 516026 Integrate Lightning Into SeaMonkey by Default and Ship SeaMonkey with Lightning Enabled
    • bug 1130854 Package Lightning with Thunderbird for c-c and c-a builds.
    • bug 1113183 Integrate Lightning Into Thunderbird by Default.
    • bug 1130852 Add opt-in dialog to promote Calendar integration [Thunderbird].
  • Proposed replacement for Venkman for shipping with SeaMonkey: Tiny JavaScript Debugger. TinyJSD is a JavaScript debugger for privileged code running Mozilla products like Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey. It serves to debug the application as well as extensions written in JavaScript.
    • IanN filed bug 1133723 Investigate options for replacing Venkman with the TinyJSDebugger.

2.x (Last, Current, Next)


open tracking (0) tracking requests (1) targeted (0) fixed (21)


open tracking (0) tracking requests (2) targeted (0) fixed (44)


  • Stalled. Needs a kick.
    • bug 815954 Click-to-Play: Port bug 812562 (click-to-play blocklisted plugins: reshow urlbar notification as with normal click-to-play).
    • bug 476108 GetShortPathNameW fails under some NTFS junctions [patchlove].
  • Current breakages:
  • Mozilla-central bugs that affect us:
    • Change of printing API bug 1146454 has broken printing from non-browser windows.
    • Change of add-on installation whitelist from a pref to permissions manager, bug 1072751:
      • bug 1190233 "Default" permissions being added to an existing profile without user's consent or awareness.
      • some confusion whether or not they should be picked up by existing profiles or just by new ones.
      • patch ready for checkin and branch approval to remove FF-specific sites from the current whitelist.
    • Firefox is currently changing styles of several Toolkit pages
      • already affected: config.xul for about:config, bug 1125636
      • Toolkit meta bug for about:* pages: bug 1097111 - SeaMonkey tracking in bug 1133743
      • Modern may need updating as IDs are changing, Default needs forking if we want to roll back to previous styles
      • Fallout thus far: bug 1133380 about:privatebrowsing (Default), bug 1133582 about:config (Modern)
      • further work to separate function from style in CSS for about:privatebrowsing in bug 1178008 (3rd-party themes)
      • Ratty is currently working on restoring about:privatebrowsing UI to before it was messed up by Project Chameleon styles [No bug number yet]
    • Our front end Sync UI needs to be updated as the old backend is going away in Gecko/Firefox 31. See: New Firefox Sync has landed in Firefox Nightly. Tracked in:
      • bug 998807 Sync account creation or device pairing fails with exception in BrowserIDManager.
      • bug 1003434 Add support for about:sync-progress.
      • SeaMonkey won't be allowed to use the Firefox Sync 1.5 servers. Ewong has set up a FxA 1.5 server and is looking into hosting our own FxAccounts server on a community machine or VPS.
    • A lot of these bugs are due to mozilla-central switching from synchronous APIs to Asynchronous APIs.
    • bug 566746 (asyncFormHistory) Form history should use asynchronous storage API. Tracked in:
      • bug 912031 Use Asynchronous FormHistory.jsm in place of nsIFormHistory2 in Suite.
    • bug 769764 move proxy resolution to separate thread and remove sync api. Tracked in:
      • MailNews bug 791645 Rewrite calls to synchronous nsIProtocolProxyService::DeprecatedBlockingResolve with Async code before DeprecatedBlockingResolve disappears as well.
    • The C++ downloads manager backend nsIDownloadManager is being decommissioned. Firefox and Thunderbird have migrated to jsdownloads.
    • bug 825588 Asynchronous JavaScript API for downloads and bug 851471 Decommission nsIDownloadManager. Tracked in:
      • bug 888915 Move SeaMonkey to the new JavaScript API for downloads when nsIDownloadManager is decommissioned. Neil has a WIP patch on hand.
    • Removal of SSL 3.0 support after POODLE Attack with 2.36, see bug 1106470.
      • bug 1137991 has removed SSL 3.0 checkbox from SSL preferences
      • bug 1149581 covers removal of the related strings
      • Firefox has proceeded with the removal in 39.0 given that Chrome goes the same way [3]
    • We've picked up he default for security.tls.version.min from Mozilla Core, but security.tls.version.fallback-limit is new. So we need to consider adding the latter to our preferences UI (bug 1123673).
      • Currently unclear whether or not this should be done after bug 1084025 disable insecure TLS version fallback entirely by default [4]
      • alternative proposal is to make whitelist for acceptable fallback sites available in the UI, which seems to make more sense.

Feature List, Planning

Bug statistics for the last two (full) weeks: 32 new, 15 fixed, 23 triaged.

  • Medium-high triaging effort, average number of new bugs filed.
  • IanN thinks it would be useful to remind people on the newsgroups / forums that they can contribute by triaging. Tonymec will post a reminder to newsgroups / forums. See bug 1092632 (Sm_tri_HowTo) Document how to triage SeaMonkey bugs.
    • The draft is currently at
    • Progress is stalled due to hardware/firmware problems with Tonymec's current computer. Current ETA for newer computer is after Easter but this is a rough estimate. Anyone with a wikimoz account can edit the page (and is welcome to). — Tonymec (talk) 17:35, 21 January 2015 (PST)

Open reviews/flags: 45 review 5 super-review 4 ui-review 13 feedback

  • See Feature List page for major wanted/needed features.
  • TODO:
    • bug 1127784 proposes to add a preference and UI to enable/disable playback of Encrypted Media Extensions.
      • ready to land, with UI seen in non-release builds only
      • but uncertain if it does anything useful to be tested

Roundtable - Personal Status Updates

Status Updates from developers - what are you working on, what's the progress, any other comments? (feel free to add yourself to the list if your name is missing and you have interesting status).





  • Usual testing, reviewing and commenting.
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed for c-c:
  • Fixed for m-c:
  • Fixed for m-i:
  • Pending tree opening:
  • Pending approval for check in:
    • bug 1187964 View source from Thunderbird uses deprecated API
  • Checked in pending review:
  • Waiting for feedback/review/information:
  • Fixing review comments before checkin:
    • bug 757230 When using add button for permissions in Data Manager set a displayHost
    • bug 798147 Switch to correct pref pane if pref window already open
  • Working on:
    • bug 1190185 Switch default search engine to DuckDuckGo
    • bug 1190179 Port |bug 1067325 - Add an option to view html source in a tab| to SeaMonkey
    • bug 1051642 Allow for flat chrome format when packaging extensions
    • bug 943335 [TB] Update icons used in searchplugins (Yahoo, eBay, Wikipedia, Amazon, Bing, Twitter)
    • Various SM Council documents.
    • bug 606683 Allow customization of toolbar in Composer and MailNews Composition
    • bug 639690 [META] Re-arrange code between editor and editorOverlay
    • bug 773979 [META] Switch to new drag and drop api in SeaMonkey
    • bug 657234 Move pasteQuote and pasteNoFormatting into contentAreaContextOverlay
    • File/Folder selection in windows.
  • To Do:
    • bug 639395 Get cmd_fontSize to reflect current state of selected content / content at caret.
    • Prefs-in-a-tab.
    • Create FAQ for Friends of the Fish Tank.
    • Help get composer standalone builds working with --enable-tests.





  • bug 1189619 Port bug 1188745 [Rename nsTArray::SizeOfExcludingThis() as ShallowSizeOfExcludingThis() ] to comm-central
  • bug 1189736 Port bug 1189156 [Don't use enumeration style in hash table SizeOf*() functions ] to comm-central



Whoops, forgot to look into that Livemarks bug...

Landed on comm-central, comm-aurora, comm-beta and comm-release:

  • bug 1115566 Certificate exception dialog not working for Mail & Newsgroups.

Waiting for greener trees:

Waiting for feedback:

  • bug 888915 Convert SeaMonkey Downloads Manager to Downloads.jsm

Still waiting for review:


Rainer Bielefeld


  • * Nothing new about bug 1145026 - AMO Add-On-Descriptions: Add link function leading to SeaMonkey add-on-converter and filling URL input pane -- Rrbd (talk) 04:36, 4 August 2015 (PDT)





  • bug 1153577 Users should be able to hide the menubar and show it with the ALT key.
  • bug 1164817 .eml files should be opened in a mail message window and not in a browser window
  • bug 1174601 Copy nsDragAndDrop.js from toolkit to SeaMonkey because it will be removed in bug 1162050.
  • bug 1177979 Gtk3 build fail with /usr/bin/ld: hidden symbol `_ZN26nsMessengerUnixIntegrationC1Ev' isn't defined.
  • bug 1178459 Run password autofill code when a password field is added to a document outside of a <form> (Port relevant parts of bug 1168707).
  • bug 1183351 Update suite files for GTK3.
  • bug 1186579 TypeError: is undefined when calling openUILink(kSupportUri, {}); [Lightning]
  • bug 1188393 ( Packaging update for SeaMonkey; Sync with Firefox; 2013 Part 1.
  • bug 1189528 mailnews/local/src/nsMailboxService.cpp:29:22: fatal error: nsRefPtr.h: No such file or directory.

Has Review:

In Progress:

  • bug 1011857 Implement CustomizableUI for SeaMonkey.
  • bug 1022354 SeaMonkey forces 3rd-party themes to not use defaultFavicon.png but hardcode a bookmarks-item.png.
    • bug 1190465 Move default theme overrides into separate chrome.manifest for other non-firefox toolkit consumers too. [Toolkit].
  • bug 1176602 In message compose make sure that the dictionary stored in spellchecker.dictionary is valid (Adapt Thunderbird bug 1175908).
  • Working on SeaMonkey 2.35 Release. Bug triage and necessary preparations.
    • bug 1187952 Update comm-release to pull from mozilla-esr38 SEAMONKEY_2_35_RELEASE_BRANCH only.
    • Merge mozilla-esr38 default branch to mozilla-esr38 SEAMONKEY_2_35_RELEASE_BRANCH. We now have all the security and stability fixes that are now in Gecko 38.1
    • See Also: bug 1177041 (SM2.35-Uplift) Bugs / Patches to be uplifted to comm-release for SeaMonkey 2.35 (and dependencies).


  • According to John-Galt the reason we have a blank space in the discovery pane of the addons manager is that our carousel is empty. So we can fill it with links to the addon converter etc (we may need admin access). Need to ask Mossop who in Firefox land is responsible for updating their Carousel and what the procedure is.
    • Some progress. We know it can be done, but requires admin access. Over at #AMO amyt tried a few things and now Firefox doesn't show the carousel at all. [well that's one way of achieving parity-firefox but not quite what I expected].


  • Safe Browsing updates.

Other stuff:

  • Did some reviews and approvals.
  • Bug triage and Bug discussions.
  • Usual end user support and PR in newsgroups and Mozillazine.


Waiting for checkin:

  • bug 1141324 Upgrade the SSL panel in Privacy & Security preferences to refer to TLS {instead,too}.
  • bug 1139004 Rename all "Character Encoding" to "Text Encoding" in Help content (Toolkit bug 951695).
  • bug 1032302 8BITMIME keyword ignored in EHLO greeting, BODY=8BITMIME absent in MAIL request for 8-bit transfers. (MailNews)
  • bug 1190233 "Default" permissions being added to an existing profile without user's consent or awareness. (mitigating patch)

Waiting for branch approval:

  • bug 1190233 "Default" permissions being added to an existing profile without user's consent or awareness. (mitigating patch)

Waiting for ui-review:

  • bug 1152644 Add UI in Notifications preference pane whether or not to use libnotify for new-mail alerts on Linux.

Ready to land:

  • bug 1127784 [EME] Add a preference and UI to enable/disable playback of Encrypted Media Extensions. (prefpane part)
    • would be visible in non-release versions only for testing, but
    • uncertain if it does anything useful in SM right now


May need retargeting:

  • bug 1123673 Consider exposing security.tls.version.fallback-limit in SSL prefpane to accommodate SSL 3.0 legacy sites.

Waiting for dependencies:

  • bug 1149581 Remove SSLv3 strings from SSL panel in Privacy & Security preferences.
    • to be reviewed once bug 1137991 has hit the releases (Firefox 39.0 was shipped with the SSLv3 removal code).
    • per bug 1141394, emk wants to wait until Chrome 44 is released before removing Firefox strings and interfaces.


  • Bug triage, testing, and commenting for SeaMonkey and MailNews Core.
  • End-user information and discussion on MozillaZine.




Any other business?