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2005 Firefox Summit (Onsite)


Crowne Plaza Cabaña

4290 El Camino Real
Palo Alto CA 94306
United States
Tel: +1 650 857 0787
Fax: +1 650 496 1939
+1 650 857 0787


If you didn't get your "Firefox 1.5 Development Team" shirt, please see Marcia.


  • We're on channel #onsite on irc.mozilla.org.
  • Please document your feedback on 2005Offsite/Feedback
  • WebCoverage - Link to weblogs posts, photos, etc. about the Off/On-site


All sessions, unless otherwise specified, will be held at the Mozilla offices in Mountain View.

Time Event
MONDAY 12-5-2005
6:00pm-Late Informal gathering at the 4290 Bistro Lounge in the Crowne Plaza Hotel
TUESDAY 12-6-2005
10am-12pm Introductions and Welcome
12pm-1pm LUNCH
1pm-4pm Breakout Sessions (see below)
4:30pm Speaker: Mitch Kapor
5:45pm Bus leaves Mozilla Corp. to take folks to Hotel
7:00pm Buses leave both Mozilla Corp. and Hotel to take folks to Thea Restaurant at Santana Row (Pre-registration Required)
11:00pm Buses leave Thea Restaurant and takes folks to Hotel and Mozilla Corp. (Note: We're also arranging for taxis for local staff and contributors, as needed. Please see Karen or CBeard for more information.)
WEDNESDAY 12-7-2005
10am-11am Guest Speaker: Mark Pilgrim (Notes)
11am-1pm LUNCH (Offsite)
1pm-7pm Breakout Sessions (see below)
7:15pm Pizza Delivery
THURSDAY 12-8-2005

Pre-registration required for all of these events, e.g. we've already bought tickets! Please see cbeard if you have any questions.

10am Buses leave both Hotel and Mozilla
11am-12pm Wine Tasting: Testarossa Vineyards
12pm-2pm Luncheon at Testarossa Vineyards
2pm-4pm Tour & Wine Tasting: Byington Vineyard & Winery
5pm-7pm Dinner: Gordon Biersch
7pm Buses depart restaurant for hockey arena. There will also be a bus going to the hotel and Mozilla for those folks not going to the hockey game.
7:30pm-~10pm NHL Hockey Game
~10pm Buses depart hockey arena for hotel and Mozilla.

Breakout Sessions

Please do fill in the schedule with proposed sessions and meeting you'd like to host.

Time Main Presentation Area Burgundy Conf Room Blue Conf Room Black Conf Room
Dial-in Numbers

TUESDAY 12-6-2005

1pm-2pm Standardizing XUL (Tristan Nitot) Cairoification, Thebes, Graphics (Stuart) Developer Testing (DaveL) RSS Integration (beng, brakowski) - probably only 30 min
2pm-3pm Litmus Futures (Coop) Future Graphics (Vlad) UI Design Support (beltzner) Planning MozillaFoundation.org (zak)
3pm-4pm Mozilla Project Dynamics (mitchell) OPEN OPEN OPEN
WEDNESDAY 12-7-2005
(Sessions should be limited to 50 minutes, with 10 minute breaks between them.)
1pm-2pm OPEN Javascript2 (Brendan) Accessibility (AaronL) OPEN
2pm-3pm 1.5 Post-mortem (Schrep) Revitalizing the Technology Advisory Group Minimo and the Mobile Space (DougT) Finding Memory Leaks (dbaron)
3pm-4pm l10n (Axel) MathML & education (rbs) Marketing Planning for 2006 (pkim, cbeard) Mozilla Mac OS X Development/Roadmap (josh)
4pm-5pm XULRunner + Web as Platform (bsmedberg, dmose) Mining Google Logs (Luke) Technical discussion about DOM Event dispatching (smaug) AUS (Chase, morgamic)
5pm-6pm 1.8.1/1.9 Branch Mechanics (Brendan) Random talk about business development (JohnLilly) SVG (tor) Add-ons (AMO) (morgamic)
6pm-7pm Bouncer (morgamic) Reflow Branch (dbaron) Places (beng, brettw, bryner, sullivan et al.) Mozilla Foundation discussion (hecker)



Is there interest in separate sessions for Mozilla Cairoification and for exposing future platform graphics capabilities? (That is, once we have cairo, how do we let xul/web content get at it?) -- Vlad

Any interest in a session for talking about 3D and the web? I know the canvas people are thinking of adding 3D, and some XML/DOM format might be useful too. -- tor

I'd like to see a chat about places, and like to learn what other folks plan for RDF. -- Axel