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You've reached the Accessibility team page!

What we are doing

Accessibility is about making things work for everyone. The majority of our team's engineering work is performed on the accessibility engine which sits inside gecko, the guts of the Firefox browser's web platform. Just as web content is exposed and rendered visually, we ensure it is also exposed to non visual agents such as screen readers. However, accessibility is a theme that crops up across all the products and services at Mozilla, and our team interacts with many others.

The Accessibility People page introduces us and explains who's working on what.

Get started

To get started, you need to do these few things, in any order:

  • Make your own build of Firefox, from the source code of the development version (mozilla-central). This page explains how to do that.
  • Register an account on Bugzilla.
  • Become a bugmaster: If you aren't sure where to start, or if coding is not your focus, do some bug triage to become familiar with access bugs.
  • Find a mentored bug: Find a task to work on. Use this search or our good first bug wiki to find a mentored bug to work on.
  • Patch review: Once you have made a patch for a bug, attach it to the bug and request review for it. It's just a matter of setting 'review?' on it and selecting an appropriate reviewer.

Get Help

  • IRC channel: #accessibility on Mozilla IRC (
  • We're populating the Accessibility/People page to help with mapping IRC nicknames to people.
  • Weekly teleconferences: we have weekly team meetings taking place over the phone/videoconference. Everyone is welcome to attend them. Dial-in details, agendas and minutes are given on that page. If you want to talk about something, please first edit the next call's agenda.
  • Mentors: Once you've found a mentored bug that you would like to work on, adding a comment on that bug is a good way to get in contact with the mentor.
  • Development discussion: mostly happens on Bugzilla, but also on IRC.
  • Mailing list: The mailing list to use for serious discussion that doesn't fit on Bugzilla, is accessibility or on the web it's mozilla.accessibility at Google Groups .

Testing Tools

Here's a quick overview of the tools we're using: