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CSUN Information

This year we plan to have a booth and flyers in both print and braille, along with SWAG.


Please put your name here if you would like to help with the Mozilla Foundation booth.

Name Project Seeking sponsorship?
Aaron Leventhal Mozilla accessibility module owner, IBM no
Frank Hecker Mozilla Foundation no
Marco Zehe Mozilla Corporation accessibility QA no
David Bolter Mozilla a11y developer no
Michael Curran NVDA open source Windows screen reader yes
James Teh NVDA open source Windows screen reader yes
Joanie Diggs Orca screen reader yes
Eitan Isaacson Orca screen reader, Pyatspi, Accerciser yes
Marc Dohnal WebVisum collaborative accessibility extension and more yes


  1. Schedule booth duty via e-mail using an Excel sheet or the like.
  2. Book a block of hotel rooms early. I don't think we get dinged if we cancel a day before. Also, when booking, indicate to the desk agent that you want a room at the special CSUN rate. Let Marco know if you have trouble booking a room, and let him also know your booking number so he can ask MoFo to authorize payment of the room.
  3. I think we should start a yearly FF A11y extension award program (presented at CSUN)


Task Name Status Description Owners Notes
Defining 2009 MozA11y Team 30% Who is going?
Booking 0% Hotel rooms, booth stuff