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P1 Firefox OS Basecamp

P2/3 Other Projects

  • Significant Updates
  • Checkin/Status on Major Challenges
  • Questions and Concerns


Basecamp feature freeze

marketplace branding

  • is the icon on the device the final icon?
  • branding is not yet complete for firefox os
  • marketplace icon will go through some iteration and change

grid negotiations

  • mozilla and telefonica negotiating what appears on home screens of phone
  • marketplace will be on screen one, top left

firefox os simulator

  • meeting this week to discuss status
  • small event in brazil on october 20 for which tool would be useful
  • adora could use tool right away to show developers what she sees in reviews

marketplace & payments integration

  • blocked on doing some work in the sandbox by lack of finalized contract
  • payment provider waiting for finalized contract
  • rfant is working on it, it's looking good

roadshow updates


  • how are we doing on having high availability for marketplace?
  • ops team is meeting in two hours (11am PT)
  • will be talking about SLAs
  • outcome of meeting will determine budget
  • anything ops needs from marketplace team?
  • not at this time, right now ops has good sense of project
  • rfant has spreadsheet approximating volume by country, will provide to telliott

GitHub -> Bugzilla Gaia bug migration


  • how are we doing in terms of Marketplace readiness?
  • things are looking good
  • on october 18 we plan to take down login wall
  • might add metrics, but that is at risk
  • dhorner has sent metrics needs to folks
  • clouserw met with folks a couple days ago
  • we don't need metrics for october 18
  • this is not a marketing release
  • -> dbialer to share metrics requirements with apps project
  • apps folks talking to privacy folks?
  • pmpcat talking and will engage them on metrics
  • android go/no-go meeting on Tuesday, October 9

  • in the process of finalizing grid--home screen of app--and left and right swipes
  • will be on the left swipe screen
  • is a portal for mobilized sites, a long list of icons to games and other things
  • also includes a search mechanism
  • alternate discovery mechanism for mobilized web content
  • desired by telefonica, we agreed to it a while ago
  • has a number of problems, including need to be online all the time
  • not a direct competitor to marketplace
  • working with them on rev share and getting interesting content from them into marketplace
  • not using mozApps API, use a custom API
  • don't go through a real install process, but it looks to the user like an install
  • unclear why, but that's the way it'll be for v1
  • reps will be in MV office october 15 to discuss issues
  • get issues to kward and rfant by then for discussion at that time!
  • telefonica-specific? yes, right now it is
  • but mozilla is contractually-obligated to offer it to other carriers
  • what about apps that are available from both and also are pre-installed on device (like twitter)?
  • multiple ways to get apps -- strength of the open web!

marco presentation


  • dbialer to share metrics requirements with apps project