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Purpose of this meeting: Big picture progress and plans of the apps program components for FFOS Basecamp and identification of issues that need alignment.

For dial-in info, see this page.


  1. Roadshow Update
  2. Status Updates
  3. Issues / Concerns
    1. rebranding: identify all properties, add them to Marketplace Tracker under rebrand
    2. regarding meeting structure: need meeting scribe (pmpcat's reading disability - sorry)
    3. regarding meeting structure: proposal to review basecamp dashboards and tracker together instead of "round robin"
  1. Meeting notes / Minutes

Status Updates

FFx Marketplace

Core Marketplace product and feature updates, release readiness

  • Payments and Identity : Friday Demos @ 12pm in Warp Core. Dial on in!
  • Updated Marketplace Releases (WIP) for Q4
  • UX
    • Payment and ID is moving forward. Meeting with identity team today to review design specs and answer some open questions.
    • Bram is working with cvan on tricky submission flow problems.
    • Planning started for UX improvements to Reviewer tools.
    • Planning started for longer term metrics design (dev/mozilla internal)
    • Maureen starts next week!
  • Per previous agreement, marketplace install buttons disabled for desktop users, re-enabled using bookmarklet

App Review & Content

Support plan updates


Plans and progress in developer ecosystem, tutorials, and app lifecycle tools


Plans and progress in developer ecosystem, tutorials, and app lifecycle tools

Business Development

Progress towards regional app goals and feedback from partners


Go to market planning and merchandising updates


Support plan updates

Firefox OS Platform & Gaia

B2G product updates concerning apps, release schedule updates

Action Items