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Goals Progress

Below are our top level goals. Beneath each goal, note any progress made towards that goal this week.

  • Ensure B2G has all test automation available to prepare for launch
    • [ON TRACK] Deploy B2G Test Automation into TBPL running on Emulator and Panda platforms.
    • [ON TRACK] Maintain B2G dog food update server as well as builds for development and QA while working to hand them off to releng
    • [ON TRACK] Ensure all webAPIs testable through the emulator have comprehensive automated tests
    • [ON TRACK] Continue to aid QA in creating automated tests for B2G
  • Expand and stabilize Test Automation on new and existing device platforms for NEON and ARMv6 support.
    • [ON TRACK] Have boards chassis-ready -- rooted, smoketested, and working for ARMv6 testing
    • [ON TRACK] Monitor deployment of large scale android and B2G panda board testing, aid with bug investigations
    • [ON TRACK] Implement a new pool-based approach for device management in automation to increase stability on all device testing
      • Pool code decoupled from Autophone; in testing.
    • [ON TRACK] Deploy Autophone with 40 phones and 70% up time
      • All 6 phones running since system restart last week. 78.6% up time for the week.
  • Create and deploy performance automation for desktop, fennec, and B2G product benchmarks
    • [ON TRACK] Create Eideticker tests for B2G on panda boards and run them once a day
    • [SKIPPED] Port Eideticker to win32 and run tests there once a day to measure win32 snappiness for desktop
    • [ON TRACK] Create pageload benchmark with networking shaper tests so that we can adequately track user-perceived performance across all devices and network types
    • [ON TRACK] Monitor Datazilla webservices and ensure our accuracy in detecting performance regressions on a per-push basis
    • [ON TRACK] Deploy Datazilla per-push UI to make it easier for developers to dig into the causes of performance regressions
  • Update our bugzilla instance to 4.2 providing many benefits from UI to helping people keep track of bugs/projects from within Bugzilla.
    • [ON TRACK] Complete the 'Sandstone' CSS update
    • [ON TRACK] Complete the REST API integration
    • [ON TRACK] Rework browserID <--> BMO integration
    • [ON TRACK] Deliver user and product dashboards
    • [ON TRACK] Deploy tracking flags extension database optimization
  • Make the process of sheriffing easier by updating TBPL and helping make it easier to handle the intermittent test problem
    • [ON TRACK] Aid with B2G changes so that B2G oranges tracked in Orange factor, B2g tests show up in TBPL
      • TBPL support for B2G Panda builds now in production (bug 794715).
    • [ON TRACK] Make it easier to sheriff and diagnose issues through better notification and automatic suggestions of issues for intermittent failures
      • Several improvements now in production or have patches complete - see Tinderboxpushlog section.
    • [DONE] Split mochitest browser-chrome from mochitest-other to improve parallelism and overall turnaround time.
    • [ON TRACK] Make orange factor update more than once a day to help make it easier to see changes over time
    • [ON TRACK] Assist with getting Datazilla's UI integrated with TBPL, phase 1
  • Expand and Modernize the QA Automation framework as well as make it easier and more clear how to write automated tests for QA.
    • [ON TRACK] Finish and deploy mozmill 2.0 changes to frameworks and existing QA tests
    • [ON TRACK] Update selenium grid to use ESX on-demand to improve web QA capacity
    • [ON TRACK] Re-organize and improve the automated testing documentation at MDN
    • [ON TRACK] Develop tests for WebRTC, B2G and other high profile projects


This is a place for people to put announcements or to describe activities that they'd like to highlight. It's not the responsibility of the MC to find things to put here.

  • [edmorley] mochitest-browser-chrome has been split from mochitest-other helping to reduce end-to-end times (bug 791389, dev.platform post).
  • [edmorley] B2G Panda Image builds are now supported by TBPL (bug 794715) - and can be seen on Try & all trunk trees, so breaking them will now be cause for backout. The existing 'Armv7a ICS' builds have been renamed to 'B2G Arm' & moved alongside the rest of the mobile platforms.
  • Eideticker-on-win32 dropped for this quarter ([wlach] needs to work on eideticker-for-B2G, and it looks like there's quite a bit to do)

In-Depth Project Discussion

Pick one project/presenter per week who will give a detail presentation on their project.

The Overview

Progress, notes, problems, and other statuses about current projects. Add any new projects to this template!

AutoPhone/Noah's Ark

  • [mcote] Separated pool functionality out into separate objects; testing Autophone now that it's decoupled from the code that tracks and assigns devices.
  • [mcote] Some planning with dustin about the relationship amongst MozPool, Lifeguard, and BMM.



  • [glob+dkl] loads of upstream reviews in prep for security release and upcoming version 4.4
  • [glob] UI work for search changes in 4.2
  • [glob] Finished up on TCL connector for pushing changes in BMO to their tracker, submitted for security review
  • [dkl] Out last thursday
  • [dkl] Mozilla Reps budget form changes
  • [dkl] more work on the 'project review form' based on new feedback
  • [dkl+glob] normal administrative work


Firebug Testing



Mobile Automation

Mobile Evangelism Site-Scraping Tool





  • [camd] - Finished performance fix for editing suites and runs.
  • [camd] - Finished support for test case and suite ordering for runs
  • [camd] - RunSeries feature now operational. But lots of ancillary work still needed. Exp a couple more days worth.

New Graphserver (Datazilla)

Open Web Apps




Signal From Noise




Sheriffing & Trees

  • [edmorley] Was away Wednesday.
  • [edmorley] Day-to-day sheriffing of the trees.
  • [edmorley] 'BuildVPN training' meeting with Armen & now have access to the BuildVPN to aid with sheriffing.
  • [edmorley] Attended a Futurama meeting - excited as to what's to come! :-D
  • [edmorley] 'Talos backout strategy' meeting with nfroyd, ehsan, taras et al - we're now backing out on >4% ts regressions, although not convinced we're solved the SNR/bad regression range/email spam issues sufficiently to be able to enforce yet.
  • [edmorley] Landed the splitting of mochitest-browser-chrome from mochitest-other (bug 791389) - will help reduce end-to-end times, TBPL log parsing timeouts & browser hangs when viewing m-oth logs (dev.platform post).
  • [edmorley] Patches:



War on Orange

Web QA

Automation Development

  • [rwood] Trying to reproduce WebTelephony emulator crash (bug 790463)
  • [rwood] WebSMS test development continued
  • [rwood] Submitted patch to fix a 'random orange' affecting some WebTelephony tests (bug 803861)

Upcoming Events

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Round Table

  • [henrik] Do we want to have a welcome drink/supper together tomorrow evening?

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Holidays and Trips

  • [edmorley] Taking today (Mon 22nd) off in lieu of Saturday at the work week.

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