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Title: Mozilla CI Tools hacker
Mentor: Armen Zambrano Gasparnian (:armenzg IRC, github)

Mozilla CI Tools is a toolchain that allows Mozilla to query and schedule build and test jobs dynamically in our CI system. This has been developed and integrated into a variety of different use cases (e.g. Try-Extender). There are a lot of small details to cleanup, fix, and features to add.

To get started learning about this project you can:

  • checkout the source code
  • become familiar with the different jobs we run (example dashboard a developer sees)
  • pick up a bug from the todo list and try to create a pull request

We have set aside a series of bugs/features which we would love to have fixed.

Things we are looking for in an ideal contributor for this project:

  • Basic knowledge of python
  • Ability to research unfamiliar terms
  • A great desire to [im]prove your software development skills
  • Willingness to learn, suggest new things, and ask questions
  • Someone who will communicate regularly and be willing to work in a team