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Title: PulseGuardian Hacker
Mentor: Mark Côté (:mcote irc, Mozillians)

Pulse is a managed RabbitMQ cluster designed to provide loose coupling between automation and infrastructure tools. The goal of Pulse is to add visibility to Mozilla's tools and systems and to eliminate polling and other brittle methods of scraping data. This allows more robust, dynamic, and informative tools. This project will be to fix bugs and implement features which act as polish (or fixes to papercuts) to our existing toolchain.

To get started:

We have a list of bugs and features on the Pulse wiki which should cover the duration of this program!

Things we are looking for in an ideal contributor for this project:

  • Comfortable in Python and JavaScript
  • Basic knowledge of the Flask web framework
  • Knowledge of RabbitMQ is great, but if not you should be able to pick this up as you go along
  • Ability to offer up suggestions on solutions to problems
  • Willingness to learn, suggest new things, and ask questions
  • Someone who will communicate regularly and be willing to work in a team