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Title: Talos framework enhancements
Mentor: Joel Maher (:jmaher IRC, github)

Talos is a test harness which allows us to run a specific test in a clean configuration/environment multiple times to collect performance data. This is used for all platforms and branches that we do builds for and we try to run all tests on each commit.

We are looking in this project to fix a lot of the outstanding bugs in our wish list. Some of these bugs are simple, and others are more challenging. For this project, I see us having 2 milestones:

  • Milestone 1: Fixing 10 simpler bugs while getting familiar with Talos and Mozilla development
  • Milestone 2: Fixing 10+ more difficult bugs, including pageloader addon rewrite, addon signing workflow, and mach interface usability

To get started learning about this project you can:

Things we are looking for in an ideal contributor for this project:

  • Basic knowledge of python and JS
  • Ability to research unfamiliar terms
  • A great desire to [im]prove your software development skills
  • Willingness to learn, suggest new things, and ask questions
  • Someone who will communicate regularly and be willing to work in a team