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Automation and Tools Planning Q2

Our projects can be broken up as follows:

  • Performance - Projects surrounding measurement of performance
  • Web Tools - Projects to build web tools and web UIs for automation frameworks
  • Automation - Projects to automate some thing or create automation frameworks
  • Tool Infrastructure - Tool "building blocks" from which we can make other tools

Please fill out this table with your best estimates for the projects you are involved in. An explanation of the fields:

  • Area - one of the four project areas
  • Project Name - the project name, and should be a wiki link to a project details page at Auto-tools/Projects/<projectname> (See Project Foo below for an example)
  • Team Deps - Teams you will need to work with/depend on to drive this project
  • Project Deps - Pieces of Tool infrastructure your project depends on
  • Priority - the priority of this project in terms of this quarter
  • Size - Size of project in hours - include total here, put the breakdown on your details page
  • Owner - The one (or rarely, two) people that own this project.

If you would like a sample details page to work from, feel free to use Project Foo for a template.

The Projects

Area Project Team Deps Project Deps Priority Size (hrs) Primary Owner
Performance Measurements User Responsiveness None native events P1  ?? Ted
Performance Measurements Addon Talos Testing AMO, Releng, IT  ?? P1  ?? Anode
Performance Measurements Xperf Talos Perf Team .etl parser, results uploading P2 30 Jmaher
Performance Measurements Other Perf Measures Perf Team Xperf talos P3 50 Jmaher
Performance Measurements Eideticker IT, cjones native events, boards P2 60 Ctalbert
Performance Measurements Speed Test Framework IT (for machine installations) None (but might benefit from UX Platform)  ?? 40-64 Mcote
Web Tools Bugzilla REST API  ??  ??  ??  ?? Dkl
Web Tools Bugzilla Pulse & Tool Integration IT, Pulse  ?? Glob
Web Tools Updated Guided Bug Entry P2 30 Glob
Web Tools "Instant" Quick Search IT, Metrics P3 Unknown Glob
Web Tools HG Improvements  ??  ??  ??  ?? (contractor)
Web Tools TCM (Litmus 2)  ??  ??  ??  ?? (contractor)
Web Tools AutoLog None UX Platform P1 240 Jgriffin
Web Tools WOO Metrics UX Platform P1 120 Jgriffin
Web Tools Bug Hunter UI  ?? UX Platform  ??  ?? Bc/Mcote
Web Tools Bug Stats Websites RelDrivers UX Platform P3 0 Mcote
Automation Bug Hunter Framework IT spider, sisyphus  ??  ?? Bc
Automation Mozmill 2.0 RelEng native events  ??  ?? Ctalbert
Automation Crossweave 2 Services Mozmill (mozprofile, mozrunner) P2 160 Jgriffin
Automation Uber-crawl IT, JS, Metrics, Layout spider, sisyphus  ??  ?? Bc
Automation Harnesses that need Servers RelEng, F1, Sync, Firebug, Safe Browsing, Identity, Security, Apps Mozharness, Autolog  ??  ??  ??
Tool Infrastructure Manifest Destiny (landing for xpcshell?) N/A N/A P2 20 Jhammel/Jmaher
Tool Infrastructure HTTP Record/Replay  ??  ??  ??  ??  ??
Tool Infrastructure Native Events  ??  ??  ??  ?? Ahal
Tool Infrastructure MozBase RelEng Mozmill (mozprocess, mozprofile, logging), P2 160 Jmaher
Tool Infrastructure Web UX Platform IT None, but benefits from existing web projects  ?? 80-120 Mcote
Tool Infrastructure SpecialPowers Developers Most test harnesses P1  ?? Ted


\o/ Completed \o/