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Status Highlights

2.1 Release Update

  • 2.1 FC - Oct 10th, (also a national holiday in Taiwan)
  • Oct 13th - Canadian thanksgiving
  • Geo on PTO Oct 10th-14th
  • marcia on PTO 10/10

Features (Organized by Functional Team)

Overall Concerns

  • How is user performance and stability?
  • How is graphics and rendering?
    • Graphic artifacts still appearing. long black lines in the UI
    • Instance where Rocketbar doesnt accept feedback
    • Dialer on idle, leaves a white screen effect
    • with a lot of apps open, it seems like performance lags on response. Reproducible on 512mb
    • apps aren't being killed on 2.1 when too many apps are being opened
    • dialer has call log issues, wont paint correctly
    • when trying to launch a link into browser, it just launches a blank page
    • sharing a bookmark via SMS, is very slow to load (~2-3 seconds)
    • when device is sleeping, waking up will have a blank page with rocketbar at top. need to pull battery. SHB is both on and off
    • Bug 1080632 - [Dialer] Blue screen shown when dialing a number from the Contacts app
  • 2.1 FC criteria: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Release_Management/FirefoxOS/Release_Milestones#FEATURE_COMPLETE_.28FC.29
  • All feature landing exceptions must be resolved  : YELLOW. know of at least the scrollbar bugs landing
    • Bugs with keyword late-l10n should be zero  : GREEN
      • Chipset vendor requirements or bugs needed to meet their FC date must be resolved  : YELLOW
      • QA sign-off
        • Completed one functional test run : GREEN
        • QA defines 2 areas of "functional areas" for exploratory testing and lead will send a "signoff" note when he feels its qualitatively ready : YELLOW: Browser/Rocketbar
        • Smoketest Greenness - Latest length of time that we haven't had smoketest regressions needs to be greater than five days : YELLOW
      • MTBF Test Run lasts for 30+ hours : RED. with JB base, battery was fine, but KK base is not charging battery. 10-15 hours before battery is dead
        • bug 1074063 [MTBF][B2G] white & black screen
        • bug 1077292 [MTBF][B2G] Phone shutdown without reason
        • bug 1076605 [MTBF][App Launch] Apps can't be launch
      • Performance team sign-off to ensure we have met the FC ready criteria (1000ms per app): YELLOW. there are some apps that are still > 1000ms, but discussion will need to happen within each group.

Remaining Tasks

  • Complete FC run 3
  • Complete l10n run 2
  • All Smoketests on 2.1 branch until end of at least 2.1 CC (Nov 21st)


  • Contacts

Health: GREEN

    • No blockers
  • Cost Control:

Health: YELLOW

Health: YELLOW

Health: GREEN



Multimedia Platform

  • Health: GREEN
    • No feature landed.


  • Health: YELLOW
    • Blocker (7) https://wiki.mozilla.org/FirefoxOS/productivity/releasetracking#Productivity_Blocker_2.1_Dashboard
      • Bug 1018833 - Calendar sync duplicates events - PR Open
      • Bug 1071919 - [Calendar] Settings drawer can become stuck open requiring app to be force closed - PR Open
      • Bug 1065520 - [Calendar][Week View] Events still display in Week view after they are deleted from another View - PR Merged
      • Bug 1070429 - [email/IMAP] getBody returning null, looks like possible fetch corruption [Problem handling message type: gotBody TypeError: body is null] - PR Open
      • [Highlight] - Bug 1067270 - [Calendar] Add Google calendar via OAUTH always show something wrong. Not solved.

Systems Front End

Systems Platform

  • Health: Green

Metrics Testing =


  • RIL: Green
    • 0 Blockers




2.1 Smoketests

2.2 Smoketests





This Week - Decisions & Action Items