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Status Highlights

2.1 Release Update

Features (Organized by Functional Team)

Overall Concerns

Remaining Tasks



Multimedia Platform

  • No feature landed in v2.1


  • Health: Green
    • No blockers
    • Bug 1062792 - [Calendar] Week view - Display blank area when scrolling page (RESOLVED)

Systems Front End

https://bugzil.la/1084321 Pages navigated to by following links from Facebook app on B2G cannot be zoomed https://bugzil.la/1084060 [Window Management] Tapping on the Camera is recording notification, opens up the download system update window https://bugzil.la/1082879 TypeError: settings is null at: app://system.gaiamobile.org/shared/js/dump.js line: 24 https://bugzil.la/1085593 [SHB] The "Enter SIM PIN" page flashes when Software Home Button is enabled https://bugzil.la/1086715 System Update Ready dialog does not fill the full screen https://bugzil.la/1078901 [Window Mgmt] Confirmation screen for deleting installed app overlays over all other elements and notifications.

https://bugzil.la/1087042 Progress bar displays in the place for the Guardian app https://bugzil.la/1084301 PIN text edit is focused at start but there's no keyboard https://bugzil.la/1087453 [Email] Scrolling is disabled on email settings page https://bugzil.la/1087484 [Window Management] Going to card view right after opening the camera app leads to a non functional shutter button https://bugzil.la/1067329 Log shaking dumps at invalid place on sdcard

Systems Platform

  • Health: Green
    • No blockers

Metrics Testing =

  • Health: Green
    • No blockers


  • NFC: Yellow
    • Blockers:1

https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1079567 (still in investigation)

  • RIL: Yellow
    • Blockers:1 Bug 1086880 mobile ID v188 issue (vendor issue)



2.1 Smoketests

  • Status: Yellow
    • 1st day of all cases passing
    • Blockers: 0

2.2 Smoketests

  • Status: Red
    • Blockers: 2
  • [Homescreen][Smart Collection] Launching a Smart Collection causes the device restart after viewing a black screen.


    • User must reboot to recover
  • [Graphics] Control panel of the built-in media player is gone






Event is being co-ordinated from 5 Mozilla offices (with Vancouver being a possible 6th)

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

  • [Eric] ping Cmills to update the customizations note on MDN. provide the link to where the MDN pages are.
  • [Kevin, All] please provide feedback to the new smoketests review
  • [pragmatic] update bug bash base image to v188