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  • For Nov 05, 2014


Status Highlights

    • Q4 Goals B2G (Draft)

2.1 Release Update

Features (Organized by Functional Team)

Overall Concerns

Remaining Tasks



Multimedia Platform

  • Tester: Gerry Chang
  • Health: Green
    • no new features, no regressions


  • Tester: Edward Chen, Teri Wen
  • Status: Yellow
    • Bug 1093572 - [Flame][Email] Unable to login to a specific EAS Email account (dup 1091448)
    • This is special case. If we use this specific mail setting, the bug can be reproduced. The reason is that email app cannot get mail folder list. (Email address: email_38@eas.gte.nu / Hostname : seldmsxt80.gte.nu)

Systems Front End

1090613 [Browser][Youtube] Switching to 'Settings' app via card view when watching a video in landscape full screen causes undesired behavior 1092391 [Clock][Lockscreen] Alarm pop-up appears very high on the lock screen after booting if phone is turned off at the time of the alarm. 1088224 [Window Management] When the user taps on the new voicemail notification nothing happens 1091067 When using Software Home button, overflow menu button in browser chrome is difficult to tap in landscape mode 1081365 [Notifications] The notification tray can get stuck partially open when quickly opening after transitioning between apps with edge gesture 1090152 Status bar is empty on lockscreen on full screen apps 1088157 [Window Management] The user cannot return home in card view 1089528 Notification bar icons will not scroll up with the background when clicking settings

1051083 [OTA update] Automatic OTA update not working 1077595 [Window Management] After downloading pdf files then deleting them, the download icon in the status bar continues 1083775 [System] status-bar label is overlapped with icons if the operator text is long in 2.0

1093797 [Window Management] Camera viewfinder will appear black if the user goes in card view and back into camera after a fresh flash 1094351 [Status Bar] When sharing a video via bluetooth, the Status Bar becomes blank 1094506 Icons appear when pulling down statusbar in fullscreen apps

Systems Platform

  • Tester: Gerry Chang
  • Status: Green

Metrics Testing =

  • Tester: Shing Lyu
  • Status: Green




2.1 Smoketests

  • Tester: Peter Bylenga
  • Status: Yellow
    • Outside of the Full Flash issues, no blockers for 5+ days
    • We switched from Full to Shallow because of the outcome of:

https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1085759 (2.1+)

2.2 Smoketests




  • Tester: Walter Chen, Paul Yang
  • New run triggered last night.
    • Bug 1094070 - [MTBF][B2G][Camera][Media Server] black camera screen with buttons
    • running hrs was about 40 ~ 50 hrs last week, we are waiting for latest result this week


This Week - Decisions & Action Items