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Status Highlights

  • Portland workweek Dec 1-5
  • SV automation is off Dec 1
    • Q4 Goals B2G (Draft)

2.1 Release Update

Features (Organized by Functional Team)

Overall Concerns

Remaining Tasks


  • Tester: Johan, Eric, Shing (cost control)
  • Cost Control
    • Status: Green, No blockers
  • Dialer
    • Status: Green, No blockers
  • Contacts
    • Status: Green, No blockers
  • SMS
    • Status: Green, No blockers


  • Tester: No-jun, Alison
  • Ringtone: Green, no blockers
  • Non-Ringtone: Green, no blockers

Multimedia Platform

  • Tester: Edward Chen
  • No feature in v2.1


  • Tester: Edward Chen, Teri Wen
  • Healthy: Green
    • No blockers

Systems Front End

(Bugs found on Nov 17 no longer reproduce due to code backout on 2.2:

Systems Platform

Metrics Testing =

  • Tester: Shing Lyu
  • Status: Green, no blockers


  • Tester: Alison Shiue, Eric Chang
  • NFC: Green, no blockers
  • RIL: Green, no blockers



2.1 Smoketests

2.2 Smoketests






  • [jlorenzo] I can't receive "B2G QA Wanted bugs" email since November 18th. Instead, I have a warning about PGP and SMIME usage. Does anybody experience this too?
    • [pragmatic] emailed Martijn Wargers to take a look at it. Reply from Martijn:
  "That means there are security sensitive bugs in the list. This is the query that is being used for that mail: http://goo.gl/4j9Hty (It's called "B2G QA Triage - High Priority" in my bugzilla links) At the moment, there are 2 security sensitive bugs in that list: https://bugzil.la/1093017 and https://bugzil.la/1100686. I guess I should change the query so that it exclude the security sensitive bugs for the whine mail and I could then just add the bugzilla query link in that whine mail that has the security sensitive bugs included."


  • 2.2 Feature list has been identified


This Week - Decisions & Action Items

  • [Tony] Finalized Portland WW agenda
  • [Eric] work with Devices QA team to transition 2.1 testing. Qanalysts to assist with qawanted and smoketest handoff work. 2.1 automation will be setup within the taipei lab.