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Off plan

Johan: Sep 14-27 nhirata: Sept 18 (bday on Sept 17) alison - Sep 17 Marigold - Sep. 26-27 (Mid-autumn festival), Oct. 1-7 (National Day) TPE Office - Sep 28 (Mid-autumn festival), Oct. 9-11 (National Day) Delphine Sep 07-28 (3 weeks summer vacation \o/ ): flod is covering up for me for RTL/l10n testing, Marcia/William have knowledge on test cases w/Marigold. Gerry - Oct. 7~23 Paul - Oct. 14-19 Al - Oct. 16-21


2.5 Feature

  • Telemetry: Gerry
    • Exploratory test for Add-on metrics/Developer HUD
   **** Sprint 9:  
               - Bug 1168973 - [User Story] Prompt the user to pin a site
               - Bug 1169018 - [User Story] View Top Pages
               - Bug 1169021 - [User Story] View History
               - Bug 1169020 - [User Story] View Top Sites
               - Bug 1194391 - [User Story] New Sheet (from task manager)
               - Bug 1194389 - [User Story] New Private Sheet (from task manager)
   **** Sprint 10:
               - Bug 1169012 - [User Story] Group Windows by Site
               - Bug 1169014 - [User Story] View Site Name
   - Browser FTE PopUp that tells the user about the new feature
   - Control Panel: SSL, Tracking Protection, and Permissions
   - New options in Settings -> Browser Privacy: Private browsing (new), Tracking protection (new), Do not track (new), Clear History, and Clear Cookies & Cache
    • Risk: Plan to land in this sprint, but do not see any depends bugs fixed and spec still not finalized
  • Replaceable Homescreen: Teri
  • Device Storage: William
    • Settings: new text for app storage to highlight to user they are getting close to low state
    • System needs redirect low storage warning to app or media storage
    • System banner app in SMS - disable all active buttons; delete will work
    • Dialer: add a call out to say it will not be logged; not able to add contact
    • System: notification in utility tray
    • Risk: No, risk has been solved last week.
    • Planned Landing is FxOS-S9 (10/5 - 10/16).
    • v2 spec is done: https://mozilla.box.com/s/bfrwwxdaz1o646h8tmmnlq61lv92sy3f
   *** First design draft is finished, will ask Marigold to create test cases on Moztrap
   *** There has no any content shown after log-in
   *** please talk to mars (Maris)
    • UX spec for update flow changed, will follow OTA rule
   *** Every app's cold launch time regressed by more than 1.5 seconds
   *** Every app's memory usage grows more than 7MB
  • New security model: Mike
    • Event - Workweek in MV on Sep. 28th
    • Feature ready on Oct. 2nd

Riding the train features:

  • RTL: William
    • PHASE 1: Phoxygen Good BiDi Practices
    • PHASE 2: Phoxygen CSS Refactoring
    • PHASE 3: RTL-Friendly Navigation (11/02)
    • Marigold has kicked off test case creation and review from this week.
    • We will review UX spec with Rob.
  • Staging marketplace server for testing addon/homescreen
  • FOTA : nhirata (readonly)
    • see https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1204658#c1
    • still needs work to be done; At risk though it's not a release item
    • rollback feature : need to follow up with EPM/PM
    • aries and flame are two separate FOTA parts
      • working on getting a FOTA fix for aries out first,
      • then working on getting flame to FOTA gecko/gaia only.
  • Vaani : nhirata (read only)
    • new build out, you have to build and install.
      • contacts grammar to only include favorited contacts.
      • Latest build includes:
        • Open <App>
        • Dial <Number>
        • Call <Favorite Contact>
    • discussion in dropping Spanish and French as well as RTL tomorrow.

2.5 Spark/Aries-KK Smoketests

  • Tester: QAnalysts (KevinT)
    • Health Status: Aries: Green 0 blockers

Existing: None

Severe Issues: - https://bugzil.la/1190790 [Lock Screen]Can't open a missed call from lockscreen notification.

 *Resolved Fixed today will check on the next build.

- https://bugzil.la/1183033 [B2G] Keyboard doesn't have click sound - https://bugzil.la/1203603 [Cost Control][Aries] Data Limit and Usage Graph not displaying accurate results

 ** This issue only occurs after OTA from RC4 and the user has turned on wi-fi and data in the RC4 FTU

- https://bugzil.la/1204622 crash in strlen | __vfprintf

 ** Reproduce-able crash after completing FTU when going quickly, doesn't affect testing.

- https://bugzil.la/1204617 [Aries][Bluetooth] does not sends files from Mobile device to Computer

 **Gonk needed

- https://bugzil.la/1202916 [Contacts] Contacts app not functioning on dogfood-latest

  ** This issue occurs if the user manually added contacts before OTAing to the latest build

2.5 Aries Dogfood

  • Health Status: Aries: Red 1 blocker


https://bugzil.la/1202916 [Contacts] Contacts app not functioning on dogfood-latest
** This issue occurs if the user manually added contacts before OTAing to the latest build
***Naoki has posted a regression window on the issue

2.5 Exploratory

  • Tester: QAnalysts (KevinT)

=== 2.5 fullrun === (Update: 9/16) @ 2.5 fullrun-2

   - 8/26~9/17 (3 weeks)
   - Test case: https://moztrap.mozilla.org/runtests/environment/7813/
   * test results for the latest Firefox OS 2.5-2 Full Test Run on Aries-KK (Full Flash) are:
     - 4604 passed, 110 failed, 7 blocked, 523 invalid / 6504 cases total.
     - Coverage is at 94.31%
     - 29 bug were submitted during the 2nd fullrun.  https://goo.gl/thM3k5
     - 8 bugs were blockers (v2.5+), https://goo.gl/8537B7

=== 2.5 smoketest (Marigold) === (Update: 9/09)

  • Aries-KK Master Smoke Test Results
 ● Existing:
  1. None
 ●  Skipped Test Case Summary
    a. Aries doesn't support DSDS, TC 10739 is skipped.
    b. FM Radio doesn't work on Sony Xperia Z3C. TC 2313 is skipped.
    c. The OTA update notification can’t be received after you tap Settings
  • Flame-KK Master Smoke Test Results
 ● Existing:
   1. None
 ● Skipped Test Case Summary:
   * TC 16424 is skipped because SPARK related apps do not exist on Flame v2.5 build.
  • Severe Issue:
  - https://bugzil.la/1190790 Can't open a missed call from lockscreen notification.
  - https://bugzil.la/1183033 [B2G] Keyboard doesn't have click sound
  - https://bugzil.la/1203603 Data Limit and Usage Graph not displaying accurate results
  - https://bugzil.la/1204622 crash in strlen | __vfprintf
  - https://bugzil.la/1204617 Bluetooth cannot send files from Mobile device to Computer.

== Previous action items == (Update: Sep. 16th)

  • [DEFERED] delphine to try to figure out mid cycle l10n run; sept 7th -- [UPDATE] this needs to be later, test case coverage isn't done yet. ETA: the week of Sep. 21st
  • [DEFERRED] nhirata to sync up with delphine about Vaani
  • [PENDING] jlorenzo: follow up Comms issue with devs
 ** The tests are still valid to me. I haven't looked into the details of each, but we should have about the same amount of bug in SMS than in Contacts. I'll follow up with the SMS dev in Paris, once he's back from vacation (it should be today)
  • [In progress] marcia: follow up with pallavi regarding community budget
  • [DONE] [William] To confirm l10n mid-cycle testing start time with Delphine and Marigold separately
    • propose to start from Sep. 7th or 14th or 21th.
  >>> [William 9/9] Sept. 21th
    • Also, test cases: who (names), how many people, when do they start? :)
  >>> [William 9/9] Lancy, Zouyi, and Shally will help ont it.
  • [Done] [nhirata/gerry] marketplace Addon stage discussion
    • Marketplace go to : Marketplace-dev.allozim.org, search for :debug and use addons
  • [In progress][William] have Marigold check regression issues for Calendar

== Agenda == (update Sep. 16th)

The only reason we'd want to test them is to check if localizers made no mistake when moving them or when using translation memory to retranslate them. I'll let you decide if it's worth testing. In case we do, if we have the previous test cases, we could add the label 'newstring2.5'.

  • Marigold help on l10n test case coverage: how many people, who, when will start?

FYI, the newcomer QA Page: https://quality.mozilla.org/teams/firefox-os-qa/ Daily Bulletin board (Feel free to post news here): https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/QA/Daily_Bulletin >>> [William 9/17] Lancy, Zouyi, and Shally will help ont it.

  • 2.5 feature list : couple of features will land in the last sprint?
    • keep reporting risks and test when things land; we're already at risk.
  • Any new tags?
    • Only tagging is [new home screen] for the new home screen in the title.

https://bugzil.la/1191745 - (new-homescreen) [meta] Switch to new homescreen by default

  • [atsai] what's the plan for those "riding the train" features? I understand that QA won't have enough bandwidth to fully cover that. I am fine with simply pref-off or bypassing the features to foxfooders. However, we should have some tags/whiteboard to track and make sure we come back to them after RA/CC for creating test plan and test cases.
    • Proposal: Setting "in-moztrap?" with comments noted QA will come back for test plan and creating test cases. AND put "test-plan-wanted" in QA-whiteboard so we can filter them out easily.
  • [njpark] Updated Music test cases in moztrap (minor updates). Put tags on test cases that are automated in gaia-integration test, but those tests should still be run, since gaia-integration tests only run on B2G sim. The search and playlist feature should be complete by end of this week.
  • [njpark] it should be noted that once NGA apps replace the OGA apps (Music, SMS, Contacts), our python tests will not run, since they have a very different architecture, and conversion will not be trivial according to the devs. Our best bet is to make sure marionette-js on device is completed on schedule. Until then, we might need to do some extra manual testing on those apps.
  • [Jamie_] could we set up a list of things that is updated of things that need to be done or tested for contributors (b2g daily bulletin is there but that only tells you so much)

== Community Updates [marcia-Read only]

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

  • [atsai] send out e-mail about test strategy of "riding on train" feature to EPM and QA.

Testing information

  • View source is in: Dev option and enable view source, hold the power button and the menu will appear there.
  • Vaani voice sampler is in the dogfood; dogfood being blocked.
  • FOTA white listing for IMEI not implemented yet
  • Marketplace go to : Marketplace-dev.allozim.org, search for :debug and use addons