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// For 2016/01/06 - W01 Happy new year!!! xin nien kwai ler!


Status Highlights

  • v2.6 work is started. Check with your lead/manager if you have no idea
  • v2.5 CC: December 14th
  • Monday : will be the start the OTA branch one week off Mozilla Central gecko branch.

Off Plan

PTO plan

  • nhirata - Jan 11 - 12, 2016 : Ubiquity summit Google : 1127 Market Street, 94103
  • Uber: Dec 30-Jan 10
  • William: Jan. 9 ~ Jan. 14
  • marcia: Jan 7
  • Teri: Jan 5 ~ Jan 8

Upcoming Holidays

  • U.S. : January 18
  • Spain: January 6th

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

  • [nhirata] to send out an e-mail about test plans need to revise.
    • For everyone, please feel free to join the discussion :)
  • [nhirata] - Aries Dogfood Whitelisting was silently released yesterday; if your dogfood device did not receive an update please email me to troubleshoot the issue.
  • [nhirata] - Flame T2M FOTA build currently being worked on, hopefully release early next week.
  • [gchang] Move detailed information of 2.6 status to another link

Previous action items

  • [Done][Naoki] We'll discuss solutions for old bugs on Thursday 3:45
  • [Done][No-Jun] https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/QA_Overview#Team_Members Please check this team members page, and it lists your QA components correctly. Also, please send me any feedbacks on the new wiki by EOW
  • [Done][No-Jun] Can we list the links to all the presentations and etherpad during the workweek below?

They're all here: https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/QASlidesMozlando


2.6 Status

2.6 Feature (NEW)

  • Continuous integration program [Johan]
    • Gip to Gij: Deadline pushed to end of January. Still ongoing.
    • On-device testing running on taskcluster: Reactivated. Back on investigating issues in the runs.

2.6 Spark/Aries-KK Smoketests

  • Tester: QAnalysts (KevinT)
    • Health Status: Yellow, 1 new blocker, no existing blockers


Severe Issues:

background of home screen will become black.

available if user open call settings via dialer.


screen, recieve and end a call when video is recording, the video is recording all the time.

2.6 Aries Dogfood

  • Health Status: Aries: Red, 2 new blockesr, no existing blockers


  • http://bugzil.la/1237460 Calendar events cannot start on the day they were created
    • Fails [16520][6118]
  • https://bugzil.la/1234877 Browse URL bar does not collapse when scrolling the web page, hiding the bottom of the web page.
    • This issue does not directly fail any of the test cases, but severely impacts the end user's Browser experience.

Dogfood blockers not occurring:

  • https://bugzil.la/1217490 [Aries] After OTA my dogfood-latest channel is sometimes reset to nightly or dogfood
    • This bug is still in New status, but is not reproducing on the tested build.

Severe issues are same as above.

=== 2.6 Flame === (Read Only)

  • Health Status: Red, 2 new blockers, no existing blockers


  • https://bugzil.la/1237197 Brick test is failing ** IOError: Connection to Marionette server is lost.
    • Already resolved fixed by backout, Will verify in the next smoketest.
  • http://bugzil.la/1237460 Calendar events cannot start on the day they were created
    • Fails [6118]
Severe Issues:  

Notes: Bugs 1234694 and 1217928 do occur when updating from the RC4 build up to the 11/30 build, but were not seen to occur when performing the final update from the 11/30 build to the tested build.

=== 2.6 Exploratory === (Read Only)

Community Updates [marcia-read only]

  • Pin the Web Tiger Testing Team (Marko, Gaby and Yunito)
    • Awaiting updates on the feature.
  • Q1 Goals 2016
    • Coordinate presence at FOSDEM
    • Coordinate and assist Pin the Web Tiger Team

  • Upcoming Events
    • Leadership Summit in Singapore - January 22
    • FOSDEM - January 30 and 31, Brussels, BE
    • Sessions have been selected for the Dev Room: https://fosdem.org/2016/schedule/track/mozilla/
      • Proposed QA Sessions
        • Automation Workshop - Martijn and Johan
  • Joint l10n/QA events
    • Working on identifying some possible events and getting funding

Testing information (Read Only)

https://gaia-l10n.allizom.org/integration/gaia-central/file/88990292cece/shared/firefox_sync/firefox_sync.properties https://gaia-l10n.allizom.org/integration/gaia-central/file/88990292cece/distros/b2gdroid/apps/ftu/ftu-droid.properties https://gaia-l10n.allizom.org/integration/gaia-central/file/88990292cece/distros/b2gdroid/apps/ftu/manifest.properties

- Firefox Sync strings will likely be covered by automation, but needs to be confirmed as it seems not everything is covered

  • For flame updating, please use v18D_nightly_v4 as base build, update to the latest dogfood and then update to the newest build (nightly-latest). For now, you cannot update from any random build.

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