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This is a weekly meetup to discuss all things regarding B2G automation and Quality. Please use wiki style.


Previous Action Items

  • [DONE] [Tony] look into access for SV into jenkins nodes


[CARRY OVER][Johan] Follow up the plivo account with walter chen and paul and get some number. Follow up with bsilverberg too about if a minute can be split or not. Ask Bob about the test script that puts money into the account?

    • [jlorenzo] Email thread started. No incoming call during MTBF. They need a service like plivo. They have 30 devices max. They don't know how many tests they run per hour or day.
    • [jlorenzo] I have access to the plivo account. 1 second is charged as 1 minute.
    • [jlorenzo] Neither bsilverberg nor stephend know about script of that kind.

Status Highlights

  • Shallow flash GG over v188-1. (v188-1 enables adb connection by default) Known issue: OTA wont work because of out of space on /system partition. but this should not affect device automation as there's no OTA tests.
  • [Tony] next week, will be in taiwan so can't attend roundtable again. Will be working with Brian H, on 2015 QA strategy as well as prepartion for workweek topics.


This Week - Decisions & Action Items

  • [jlorenzo] Follow up with davehunt, zac, or james lal (:lightsofapollo) to know about Mozpool
  • [jlorenzo] Follow up with the contacts team about the Facebook account
  • [njpark] send out an outline of plan to run Imagecompare on one of the unused nodes, and collect feedback + incorporate it to the plan. Ping davehunt for help
  • [njpark] try setting up marionette JS on device test locally and run tests