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This is a weekly meetup to discuss all things regarding B2G automation and Quality. Please use wiki style.


Previous Action Items

CARRY OVER * [Peter, Bebe] continue to identify the smoke tests and label the moztrap tests with "automated" tag, and cross post links to where the tests are located. [Bebe] [Done]Merged: https://github.com/mozilla-b2g/gaia/pull/25222 FOLLOW UP: * [Geo] email dave/zac about a better way for jenkins to check for commit hashes from sources.xml [Done]: * [Tony] send out v188 to team, and [Bebe] to have someone try running a local testrun against it

[DONE] [Peter] gather all the current sets of smoketests (and those already marked automated), and send out another writeup on the status [DONE] [Peter] add the not fully updated tag to the non-automated tests in moztrap


    • [CARRY OVER] [Bebe] file a bug
  • DONE [Johan] loop in SV when you have the bug bash info for europe

Status Highlights


  • quick update on bug bash today?
    • not many contributors. about >12 bugs filed. announcement was was a bit late, and not emailed out for contributors. was broadcasted in irc channels. updated the etherpad on status and contributors. 2 hours was not enough, couldnt find the bugs in time. one and done was down at the time. moztrap was too overwhelming for non QA folks -- was not relevant to post the testcases here. instead, create a task in one and done for testcases.
  • [jlorenzo] Is it a good idea to use our unique Plivo account to make international phone calls?
    • Some numbers:
      • Outbound call from the US to the US: 1.20¢/min
      • Outbound call from the France to France: 1.31¢/min
      • Outbound call from the US to France: 4.62¢/min
      • Phone calls made to write bug 1086269: around 15-20
    • Taipei would like to use the account for MTBF
  • [jlorenzo] What is the best way to add a new test: 2.1 and then master, or master and then 2.1?
    • master and then uplift to 2.1
  • [jlorenzo] How do we handle the review process for people tied to a functional team?
    • Any person in the team is okay.

[Robert] Talked to Dave and Zac and they will start updating the Jenkins nodes to v188

    • Dave tried this phone and didnt work: Bug 1088119 - Device b2g-09.1 cannot be found via ADB after flashing v188

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

[Tony] flash v188 on devices and enable adb [Robert] send tony a list of forced nodes that will be used in automation tomorrow (send 10-15 devices) [Peter] follow up offline (w/ geo/bebe) on discussion about pointing testcases to the google doc [Johan] Follow up the plivo account with walter chen and paul and get some number. Follow up with bsilverberg too about if a minute can be split or not.