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This is a weekly meetup to discuss all things regarding B2G automation and Quality. Please use wiki style.


Previous Action Items

Status Highlights


Q1 2015 Goals

2.2 - (OS QA (in Taiwan)

    • Support the stability of 2.2 branch with focused test runs, qawanted, bug triage, and daily smoke tests (manual and automation)
    • Support new feature testing
    • Manage the release out the door until CC date, and hand off to Devices QA team into Q2.

3.0 - (OS QA (in US/EU)

    • Automation goals:
      • Re-evaluate the smoke tests on v3 that will be needed for automation in javascript
      • Focus on getting existing Gij tests running against the lab of devices
      • Creating a set of best practices on creating JS gaia-UI automation tests
      • Focus on getting smoke tests running against the lab of devices (could be a combination of Gij, python, or JS tests).
    • Support the stability of master with focused test runs, qawanted, bug triage, and daily smoke tests (manual and automation)
    • Support lightweight dogfooding program off of nightly
    • Develop feature testplans when features are concrete

US/EU Holidays: Christmas Eve - December 24 (Not in Canada and France) Christmas Day - December 25 Boxing Day - December 26 (Canada only) New Year's Day - January 1

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

  • [Johan] work with Bebe on creating the weekly testrun suite in jenkins, and add this new test
    • [Geo] Also, we should seek early design review for any test that might be atypical in terms of externals, execution characteristics, etc.
  • [Tony] follow up with MTBF questions
    • whats the latest MTBF report? on 2.1, trunk?
    • when will they start running this against 2.2?
    • currently 10-12 tests, whats the plan to add more?
    • more frequent updates sent to the fxos-watchlist. currently only b2g-release-drivers
  • Voicemail issue, options we have;
    • Look into the voicemail AT&T API (https://vm.att.com/ ). This might be something for the Automation team
    • Create a cleanup job that dial the sequence to delete a voicemail like a regular user would do. (The dial sequence may differ between AT&T and T-Mobile)
    • Ask the carrier to clean up all the voicemails each week/month.
    • Create our own carrier network (http://openbts.org/ ) and put our voicemail there
  • [Tony/GEo] work with functional teams on a plan to process preventative broken feature landings
  • [Geo] work with functional teams on owning the Gij based per-checkin tests on master