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We are creating a number of personas to help us design Bugzilla. A persona is a fictional person who has a particular relationship with the software. They are divided into four levels of importance.


Focal users are primary users of the product who are its main focus. We will optimize the design for them. At least one persona must be a focal persona.


Secondary users also use the product. We will satisfy them when we can.


Unimportant users are low-priority users, including infrequent, unauthorized or unskilled users, as well as those who misuse the product.

  • Fabio - occasional bug reporter


Exclusionary users are users we're not designing for. It's often useful to specify this to prevent non-users from creeping back into product development discussions.



Duplicate users are users who turn out, on close analysis, to be very similar or identical to a user or combination of users we already have.

  • Robert - Open Source activist. I assert Robert is very similar to Sarah.
  • Steve - senior engineer. I assert that Steve is very similar to a combination of Mitch and Peter.


These are personas that people have created whose usefulness or classification has not yet been determined.


It may be that you disagree with the allocation of particular personas into particular groups. That's fine - that's an entirely reasonable thing to discuss. I anticipate that personas will come and go, and change groups, as we refine them and work out what the truly focal personas are.

The discussion page for this page is useful for discussing ideas and thoughts which come from looking at the group of personas as a whole. E.g. "Hmm, isn't it interesting that they are all computer-literate?"

There is also a template for creating new personas, should that be necessary.