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If you have appropriate skills and would like to volunteer to be a Summer of Code mentor, please sign up as a mentor in the Google interface (Google account required) and then add your name and skill set here.

If you and your talents are well-known in the core Mozilla development community, signing up here is probably not necessary - just do the Google step. This page is just so when we see names in the Google mentors interface and go "Huh?", we can read it to find out who you are :-)

Name Stuff worked on in the past Areas of expertise
John Q. Example The FrobbleWidget extension; patches for the throbber animation code XUL extension development, XPCOM
Eric H. Jung I have been active in the Mozilla development community since late 2004.



Mark Banner (aka Standard8) I have just joined Mozilla Messaging. I have been developing the mailnews code-base for several years.

The code I know best consists of:

  • [MailNews:Address Book] (best knowledge)
    • Also know about the LDAP integration
  • The general mailnews backend
  • Migration of profiles (SM knowledge, but this overlaps with TB).
I have also worked on the Tinderstatus extension.
MailNews, Address Book, LDAP, basic extension development.
Shawn Wilsher (also known as sdwilsh and comrade693) DOM Inspector, Growl/Alerts Service, Download Manager, External Helper App Service, Storage, Places. I've also worked on several add-ons in the past, and "sorta" maintain two now. Download Manager, Storage, Alerts Service, DOM Inspector
Nelson Ko (also known as nkoth) I have been working on Firefox Support (sumo) since last year when it began. Before this, I have worked before for Hewlett-Packard Consulting. My experience is in web systems and development (started around 1997 doing web application development, web/email/proxy servers in 24/7 environments, moved on to consulting in web applications involving IP video/voice/content management, and then later on to wikis). I am nkoth on #sumo and #webdev. My first friends of the tree :). Support, sumo code, Webdev, TikiWiki CMS/Groupware, Kaltura