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  • regrets: Mike (on a plane to Brazil)

Go Faster Add-on (miketaylr)

There seems to be a new Component for the Go faster Add-on. Why, how, expectations, etc?

2 Minutes of Mike (karl)

Mike overviews a lot of information about the Web Compat project and Platform development, but except if we are stalking him on Bugzilla, it's very hard to know what is happening (and probably incomplete). So that's a topic for finding out how Mike can help us know better what is happening and how can we help him share the information.

  • karl: stalking might be a good idea, aka extracting the activities on GitHub and Bugzilla automagically ;)
  • karl: Mike is very active in the greater Mozilla/Platform. Would be good to get more details related to platform, changes etc.
  • karl:
  • karl: the search above, how do we know of anything slightly related to web compat in the Core component?
  • adam: I see you guys on bug which are moved to Tech Evangelism. How this is happening?
  • karl: So either needinfo, or stalking Mike. But yes it's something we should improve on announcing cool stuff happening elsewhere.
  • eric: I've tried to subscribe bug newly added in specific category to understand what's happening in other part of Gecko

Top 10 Web Compat bugs (karl)

In London a couple of groups asked us about Web Compatibility Top 10. Did we manage to create a list? Some data to revisit/updates and

  • mike: we have but it needs to be cleaned up and put on the wiki. Ideally this is a list that we're maintaining somehow.
  • karl: mdn and some others asked top 10 bugs for web compatibility. In reality this changes over time, but it would be good to keep the priority bug list updated on the wiki. Make it easy for others to provide content based on the issues we are seeing.
  • adam: I can volunteer putting it on the wiki.
  • karl: Thanks Adam.

Wiki reminder (karl)

Quick tips to create a page on the wiki

  • karl: 1. Always try to start from an existing page through prose. (it avoids orphan pages) 2. Think about about adding at the bottom of the page. It helps when dealing with creating an automatic index
  • karl: when creating something on the wiki, start with an existing page to grow the content through links. It's a good technique to use.

[DONE] Documenting Keywords (karl)

Part of the action item of the previous meeting was to document webcompat keywords.

  • karl: DONE.
  • dennis: Can we block issues when there is a dependency on another issue on Github or Mozilla Bugzilla?
  • karl: I will put a comment linking to the bugzilla bug, or for things like HLS videos I close as duplicate and leave a link to bugzilla.
  • adam: SeeAlso is where we add the issue number on
  • karl: keywords are entrance criteria, you can skip labeling each step if you've done all the work

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress