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June 27 2022

Verification of shipped Intervention/UA Override (Honza)

honza: as discussed on slack with Dennis, I was wondering about the process from your point of view as to what is happening around every cycle of shipped Interventions/ Overrides

oana: at each cycle, 2 weeks before the release date, we perform a verification, both manually and automatically, for the list of the Inverventios/Overrides.

We check with both the Interventions/Overrides enabled/disabled, and based on the results, we conclude if the Interventions/Overrides are needed or not.

If the issue is no longer reproducible with the Interventions/Overrides disabled, we will submit a Bugzilla report to request the removal of the issue from the list.

honza: I have seen that some Bugzilla reports for Interventions/Overrides have a corresponding GitHub issue.

oana: some of them have a corresponding GitHub issue because they were first signaled using Webcompat reporter, and they are added to the "See Also" field in order to give context when investigating.

honza: is there a list regarding the Interventions/Overrides?

oana: We have a list we use, created by Dennis

but also in `about:compat`, we can see the active Interventions/Overrides that are in place and their corresponding Bugzilla task.

oana: at each run, we create our own list (containing both the Bugzilla and the Github issue, add status and comments)

oana: we'll create an Intervention/UA Override guidelines document asap

[FYI] Q3 Planning is in progress (SV)

June 14 2022

Firefox Release vs Firefox Nightly reproducibility (SV)

Currently, issues that are reproducible on Release but they are not reproducible on Nightly, we close them as Won't fix, with the message for the user to test on the next release.

We previously agree to this approach with Karl. Should we continue doing so?

honza: we can keep this approach

[FYI] Bug reported QA flow (SV)

We've created a chart and some guidelines on the work performed by SV QA team after a bug is reported on platform.

 Chart with the QA flow:
 Guidelines - flow explained:  

honza: can this be shared with Webcompat team?

oana: yes, I've created a copy for the team using a Mozilla account, everyone should have now access to view and comment

[Honza] WebCompat Repos

What is the relation and how the process looks like?

honza: we discussed it, all good

Fast Response Triage details (SV)

Are there any updates on this topic?

honza: things are moving, work in progress, I'll keep you updated

paul: this will be helpful since all the team members are working on it

May 31 2022

Welcome Honza

Introduction to webcompat. QA tasks.

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