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November 6 2019 testing

oana: Will there be another iteration on the new form? If needed, we can take a shot at it.

Action item: test the new form while doing TSCI top site testing, report bugs and suggestions.

ML add-on

sergiu: Do we have some data about how the ML performed? Is there a way for it to go live?

Proposal: turn the system on and have it

sergiu: has the system ever predicted something at 100%?

Another idea: automatically close (and label) issues at 95%, flag ones at 90% for manual verification, etc.

Facebook testing

cipri: You mentioned some time ago, about a session of Facebook testing. Are we still on?

Action item: mike to send profile of test account to st peter. Also, ask FB to flag the user to not get banned since it’s a test account.

October 16 2019

Secure Connection failed issues

Can we close them if the certificate is not A grade? mike: yes, except TSCI level sites.

ML add-on

How come apparently identical issues get different results from the add-on? mike: here's an older document with the experiment design, mike: some word salad about statistics mike: how accurate is it? sergiu: it's about 75% accurate oana: for duplicates, it's not useful. sergiu: is the bot already trained? or still being trained? oana: let's continue testing for 2 weeks. sergiu: we could improve this addon by having some kind of interaction method. when it's wrong, give it some feedback as to why it's wrong (or right). mike to follow up with nemo about this. oana: this is only possible when we get a notification. - new design

oana: Can I have the link to the new form? I want to fiddle around with some automated tests, as part of my own curiosity. mike: send oana the cookie name/value for

IRC follow up

mike to send email to dennis