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October 20 2020

Old certificate issues (SV)

For site that have old certificates, Mike asked us to lable them with "type-unsupported-tls", move them to Needscontact and to ping him. That is the reason we ping you now.

Do you consider we can close them as non-compat if the problem occurs on any browser and only ping you in case it is only reproducible on Firefox?

karl - move issues to Needcontact only if they are reproducible on Firefox, otherwise move them to Non-compat (reproducible on all browsers)

2020Q4 - needstriage on Webcompat Bugzilla (SV)

We were wondering what is the action item in case we find a reproducible issue from the list

Action items:

Issue is reproducible:

- add corresponding Keyword (Details): webcompat:need-diagnosis / webcompat:need-contact /  webcompat:need-contact-ready / webcompat:need-site-wait, similar to webcompat issues
- (Tracking) add status "affected" to Firefox version (Optional)
- add steps to reproduce if not available (for easy diagnosis)

Issue is not reproducible:

- change Status (Tracking) from "Unconfirmed" to "Resolved" -> Invalid / Worksforme
- need info Karl or the reporter for extra details on the issue, or when we don't understand it

Notes: skip [Meta] bugs

October 06 2020

OKRs proposal (SV)

All the cards are in place both reserved and planned

Should we discuss each?

Are there any tasks for us from upper management?

karl: task cards are all good

karl: will check the name of the educational platform used in Japan

karl: ETP shim talk directly with Tom, an come up wit a plan (maybe also help with confirmation of fixed issues)

karl: new task from upper management - not yet, work in progress, will be news during the quarter

oana: reserve: manual testing on social media TikTok (video playback)

Tasks that require testing (SV)

If there are issues that require testing (see also issues, mozregression) feel free to loop us in, and we will gladly help out.

karl: will do so

1:2 meeting proposal (SV)

We could have this meeting every other week when there is no Team meeting in the week.

karl: sure

September 29 2020

OKRs tasks planning for Q4 (SV) We have a list of tasks that we want to propose for Q4, should we directly create cards for them here ? or discuss and make a plan what to keep and what to skip.

Karl: Yes, add all the proposed items as cards.

Finish every week with 0 untriage and 0 unmoderated bugs (SV)

This was proposed last quarter by Mike, in order to see if we can handle all issues by the end of the week. Since the number of issues was not high, we successfully managed to triage and moderate all of them.

Should we continue monitoring this progress?

Karl: we can continue monitoring and ask for help when needed.

Previous Sync meetings with Mike: