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September 21 2021

Firefox Version 100 experiment (SV)

How is the experiment going?

oana: from our side, we don't see many issues logged with Firefox version 100. Could this be an indicator that not many sites are broken or that not many people are testing and reporting the issues?

karl: it seems to be working, but indeed there are not many reports

karl: it seems the experiment is only for Desktop

karl: I will talk to Chris about it (if there are special requirements for people to get Firefox 100)

raul: in `about:studies` the Firefox 100 UA is active for all users, even if we still have Firefox 94 UA

Request info from users - Bugzilla Triage (SV)

How should we handle issues from Bugzilla triage when users that we have requested info from do not reply, but they remove the "need info" tag?


karl: close as usual if we can't reproduce

August 24 2021

Firefox version 100 Testing (SV)

We were thinking of checking a few sites using the Firefox 100 UA to make sure everything works correctly.

At the same time we are planing a volunteer event, probably in October, where they can test different sites using the UA string (we'll will provide guidelines for them).

The event will probably be a week, but volunteers are welcome to continue testing until Firefox reaches version 100.

Probably a test Party will be held in SV with the same objective. What do you think about this plan?

karl: that sounds nice, but wait until version 94 is released

karl: there will be an experiment (one month/one release) where Nightly users will get version 100

karl: if we get too many issues (thus too many sites broken) the experiment will be stopped and a different approach will be taken in consideration regarding the versioning

karl: pref change will be inside Firefox Nightly, can be switched off when needed

UA Overrides and Interventions dashboard missing (SV)

The link used to display the list of current interventions and overrides, but now it redirects to Wiki page

The dashboard was really useful for us when performing the verification.

karl: Dennis removed it, talk with him about it

oana: I've talked with Dennis and he will create a similar dashboard for the next round of verification

UA Overriding on Slack testing (SV)

Dennis asked if we would be interesting in testing this.

Bugzilla issue:

Webcompat issue:

Should we schedule a testing session using Chrome UA to test Slack video conferencing?

karl: talk with Dennis for more info (what is expected from the test)

oana: I've talked with Dennis and he will keep us in the loop and provide the necessary info for testing in 2-3 weeks

August 10 2021

Culture Amp goals (SV)

Do we need to add goals to or this is just for Mozilla employees?

karl: no need, this is mostly for Mozilla employees to have visibility on their performance and goal achievement

karl: for SV team tasks are available in the OKR dashboard

Beta versions of mobile OS (SV)

We have received a few issues that occur on OS that are in beta version (iOS 15, Android 12). Should we keep telling the users that the beta versions are expected to fail and that there is nothing we can do until the release version is out, or should we follow a new approach?

karl: approaches:

 1. put them on the waiting list - to review it later when the new iOS/Android version is released 
 2. tell them to reopen it if it is still reproducible when the new release is available.

raul: approach 1 - issues will pile up,

raul: approach 2 - probably the issue will not occur on the new OS, but if it will the affected users will reopen the old issue or report a new one

WebCompat team internal logs (SV)

We've added the progress for week 30 and 31 in the document.

Should we have a separate tab per person or we can go simply with SV?

oana: preferably we should have a tab for the SV team - and we'll add our weekly progress and highlights there

Do we need to add all the issues we worked on for Triage/Moderation/Investigation/Verification?

oana: we have daily status that we add to our internal tool every day, should we add that here too?

karl: add the most important things in the highlight tab (how many issues/finished a task/blog post/test party)

Hulu account (SV)

We don't have an account to test and can't seem to use Alex's account (it is blocked).

oana: he does comment on the issues if pinged, but it would be useful for us to have an account

karl: I'll talk with Alex.


Oana: 30th of August - 3rd of September

Raul: 6th of September - 17th of September

Mozilla: 27th of August Wellness day

Karl: 30 of August - 31th of August

July 27 2021

OKR tasks check (SV)

We already started some of the OKR tasks that we proposed, should we continue working on them, or are there other tasks we should look into?

karl: yes, keep working on them, I'll let you know if something comes up

Performance profile recording (SV)

As discussed we should use the Firefox Profile add-on in order to record performance profiles on desktop (less noise). What about for mobile?

oana: currently we use to record performance profile from "about:debugging" page. Should we continue doing that?

karl: continue using "about:debugging" for mobile to record performance profile

karl: if we have any questions about performance profile we can contact Florian Quèze @fqueze on GitHub., he is more than happy to have 1:1 meetings to discuss about this topic

karl: there is a meeting "Joy of profiling" where people discuss about different profiles

Past meetings:

Web Apps Space (SV)

As seen in this issue:, do we or did we had any files/activity here? If so, is there anyway we can help the user?

karl: I've added a comment to the issue

karl: I did a bit of digging and was able to find some references to Libre Office

ETP issues Android & iOS (SV)

When we stumble upon ETP issues that are no longer reproducible using Android ( - closed), but are reproducible now using an iOS device, what procedure do we follow here? Do we submit a new ETP bug or do we comment find the findings on iOS on the already submitted ETP issue for Android?

karl: add a comment that it is reproducible on iOS now and also needinfo Tom and Johann Hofmann about it


Oana: PTO on 29th-30th of July

Raul: half day off on 30th of July

July 13 2021

[FYI] OKR Tasks (SV)

We've added the QA tasks we are going to work on in Q3.

oana: we'll add others tasks if the time permits (Accessibility testing, UA Override creating practice)

oana: let us know if you have other tasks for us

karl: I will check them out

2021H2 Goals (SV)

Based on the email sent by Karl ("2021H2 Goals for the Webcompat Team") are there any action items we should take or is it sufficient to just keep our tasks on the dashboard?

karl: I will check OKR dashboard and match them with Jira issues

karl: I will ask for more info if needed for new/extra tasks and also talk with Joe and explain the need to work on them

Performance Profile meetings (SV)

As discussed at the team meeting, we'd be interested to learn more about this, so we could better identify and understand which issues are related to performance.

karl: I'll have a meeting with Patricia on 21th of July and tell her we are interested

karl: I will keep you in the loop

Github add assignee (SV)

I've tried to add Raul assignee to the OKR task, but without success. He is not available in the list (maybe no permissions?). e.g

karl: it seems that Raul is not a member of the Mozilla org

karl: I'll fix that later

ML-bot help (SV)

ML-bot auto-close issues on moderation really helps with our work.

oana: we can now focus on other tasks too, we already started two OKR tasks

karl: Ksenia is still working on it to improve it.

karl: thank you for providing the list of issues that could be auto-closed by the bot


PTO: Oana - 14th of July

PTO: Karl - 16th of July

June 15 2021

[FYI] iOS devices available (SV)

We received an iPad Mini and an iPod both with iOS 14.

ML bot for unmoderated issues update (SV)

We wanted to make sure if the bot fully works on unmoderated issues or it is still work in progress?

We've seen some progress

karl: please file an issue for Ksenia to improve the ML bot (to close more invalid issues with examples)

karl: I'll talk to Ksenia about removing automatically the porn sites issues

Issues from Tai0011 - Github user (SV)

We keep getting issues from this user, but with random/poor/not useful details. We asked for extra details but there was no response from her.

Is she a spammer or she just reports everything?

Her profile: is a bit strange.

karl: looks like a bot - user blocked

Hulu account (SV)

We received some time ago the credentials for Hulu account, but we no longer can access it.

We've have an issue on Hulu, and pinged Alex if he can reproduce it on his side.

oana: it would be nice to still have access to the account. Is there a way we could ask him about this?

oana: I suspect he no longer renewed his subscription, but it would be good to know for sure.

oana: I sent him an email

karl: if no account is available, we'll ask in Mozilla for a test account

[FYI] PTOs and National holiday

oana: I'll be on PTO on Friday June 18th

National holiday: June 21st

karl: No Mozilla meetings between June 28th - July 2nd

May 18 2021

iOS devices (SV)

Currently we have an iPod with iOS 12 and Raul's personal iPhone with iOS 14.

Do you considered we should request for iOS devices since the iOS issues keep comming?

karl: less issues when the patch will be released

oana: you can also discuss with Ioana and make a plan

Triage concerns (SV)

We are unable to triage all the issues every week. Also we should be starting the other OKR tasks.

Do you see any concerns about this?

karl: the volume of issues starts to be too big, we'll find a plan

karl: don't overwhelm yourselves

April 20 2021

ETP Issue with Facebook "Like" and "Share" button (SV)

Raul: I received a comment on an ETP issue I have submitted ( from a certain Albert. Is he right here?

oana: Should we no longer log issues related to social media buttons/bar?

karl: talk to Tom about the best way to do this.

Triage with ML (karl)

karl: Ksenia is working on the ML bot and there is very progress.

karl: ML help with moderation also (incomplete/invalid issues)

Weekly issues reported (karl)

karl: last week we had 714 and this week 682, so the numbers are sort of stabilizing

oana: more issues are reported in the weekend and after work ours

April 6 2021

Meeting time (SV)

Can we change back to 12-12:25PM Romania (18-18:25PM Japan) for the next meetings?

karl: meeting time changed.

OKRs Q2 (SV)

I've added the tasks that we'll be working on the next quarter:

karl: awesome

A11Y issues on (SV)

We received a few issues:

How should we address this type of issues?

karl: non-compat issues, it is reproducible on all browsers

oana: point out to the Contact of the page or social media/forums

ML triage for iOS (SV)

Since we are receiving a large number of iOS issues, could we use ML to triage iOS issue also?

oana: it would help us a lot.

karl: progress visible on

[FYI] iOS triage tools (SV)

Currently we are doing some research on the tools that we can use to help us with triage

- [Doesn't work] Vysor (paid) - could not make it work for "Copy/Paste" URLs on Mac&iOS devices  
- [Stopped working] LonelyScreen (free trial) - AirPlay Receiver for PC/MAC
- [Works] Mirroring360 (free trial) - used for screen mirroring and screen sharing
- [Works] ApowerMirror (free trial) - 10 minutes per session- screen mirroring and screen sharing
- [Works] QR code scan address bar Chrome desktop - Firefox - for easy URL navigation
- Firefox Nightly RDM - most of the issues we encountered were not reproducible on RDM but were reproducible on real device

karl: maybe write a blog with this

karl: will talk with the iOS teams, maybe they also have some useful tools and info

Automation for interventions/overrides (karl)

Tom is working on Automation TestSuite and he will document the process.

karl: in time maybe Oana and Raul can add tests (upgrade skills)

March 23 2021

Project Inventory (SV)

We've added the SV tasks in the document, we could do a check-in.

karl: all good

oana: we'll continue adding new tasks when they occur

karl: for enterprise testing we could ask Mike Kaply (Adam's replacement) in an email and also CC me.

oana: we'll perform it in Q2

karl: Bugzilla issue clean-up - I will provide a search link for future use

oana: we'll perform it in Q3

[FYI] Devices for testing (SV)

We have the new devices: Google Pixel 5 and Samsung Galaxy A51. Thank you.

Updates on Intervention/UA Overrides automation progress (SV)

Are there any news on this?

karl: Talk with Thomas about it, he is working on a regression suite and can provide more info

ML closing issues with context (SV)

We stumble upon some issues that had context but ML bot closed them. and Based on what were these issues closed?

karl: Talk with Ksenie, it's good info that needs to be investigated

Firefox ESR issues (SV)

What would the best approach be for issues that are reproducible using Firefox ESR but not when using the latest build of Firefox Nightly?

karl: continue with the same process similar to any Firefox

February 23 2021

Non-compat or not? (SV)

We stumble upon an issue where the user installed different apps, changed configs and different apps crashed while performing some actions on Firefox.

oana: We consider this a non-compat issue, since on a clean profile performing those actions, no issues occur. We tried to replicate the environment with the free apps, but did not experience the crash on the installed apps.

karl: ignore it, it's non-compat definitely.

Performance (CPU, FPS) (SV)

We keep getting issues related to high CPU, lower FPS.

Are there any tools/add-ons similar to Chrome on Firefox? What we found on the internet for Firefox seems to be outdated.

karl: if the issue is reproducible, record a performance profile and also log it on Bugzilla (if not already reported) in Core / Performance and add at Tracking section: Project Flags: Webcompat Priority ?

karl: if the issue is not reproducible, ask the user (if not anonymous) for more info (record a performance profile) otherwise close as Worksforme.

Project inventory proposal (SV)

We've check the document and came up with a few extra tasks that could be added, from our point of view.

- Exploratory testing on educational sites/locales/webapps/code editors/communications channels etc.
- Bugzilla clean-up (etp/unconfirmed issues) 
- Webcompat clean-up (sitewait/needsdiagnosis/needcontact)
- Shim testing

karl: yes add them there with the corresponding info

Shim testing (SV)

Are there any ways we could help here? Is there is a list of issues we should look over?

karl: Talk to Tom. Shims just landed today.

SEO on (SV)

I've check using a SEO checker and there are some things that could be improved.

Do you consider this useful, should I log an issues for this type of improvements or separate one for each?

karl: add a general issue related to this, and it will be addressed when extra time is available.

Devices for testing (SV)

Are there any news regarding any new devices for testing (maybe a Pixel 5)?

Karl: send an email with the devices we think we need for testing.

Japanese education site testing (SV)

Were you able to find any Japanese educational sites that we could test on?

karl: there are only paid ones, which would be relevant for testing, but I'll continue looking.

January 26 2021

Hello Raul, Goodbye Cipri (SV)

Our new member Raul (a little introduction).

Goodbye Cipri, and thank you for your awesome work, contribution and patience. May good luck be with you wherever you go :D

TSCI re-check (SV)

Should we still perform this task every week?

I've checked the metric document and there was no update since last year.

karl: no more interest in it, so drop it

Shopping survey (karl)

karl: maybe a survey on shopping sites, might be some Testing involved, but not enough info yet

[FIY] ETP - Strict Desktop issues (SV)

We were asked to check all ETP issues, that we verify/encounter, with Strict protection and update the issues accordingly.

oana: we started doing that

Devices request (SV)

Is there any budget for new devices for our team or should we continue using what we have?

cipri: our devices are too old, so no new Android updates are available.

karl: possible to get some new devices Android 10/11

Concerns about Cipri's leave (SV)

Do you have any concerns about the project due to Cipri's leave?

oana: we don't see any problems at the moment, but we will let you know if anything occurs.

karl: no, all good

Ramp Up Raul (SV)


- Request LDAP credentials
- Add person to Webcompat internal Google Calendar
- Add person to webcompat org 
- Add person to mozilla org 
- Add person to mozilla wiki (
- Add contributor on site (

karl: I will take care of this asap

January 12 2021

[FYI] UA Overrides/Interventions verification (SV)

We've performed UA Overrides/Interventions verification and found 4 that can be removed.

oana: as soon as the OKR is in place we'll add the results there too

karl: the new project for OKR planning is in place

karl: OKR added

[FYI] 2021H1 Planning (SV)

We've added our proposal in the 2021H1 Planning document

karl: we can add the new Q1 tasks in reserve column and it will be prioritized.

What does 2021 bring in terms of testing (SV)

Are there any new or specific tasks that we should be working in 2021?

karl: TBD (Features that are being worked on (e.g Print) - maybe test some sites where the feature is quite important)

Webcompat project (Karl)

karl: new manager maybe, dependes on priority improvements (All)

What can we do? Thinking of ideas.

cipri: a lot of invalid issues, issues with lack of relevant/little info, but ML bot helps with some of them

oana: maybe move "Description" under "URL" field and make it mandatory again

karl: we could check the numbers of issues before "Description" field was mandatory and after

karl: Ksenia will start working on ML bot soon

December 15 2020

List of Issues with no milestone (SV)

I tried to check the issues on Github that have no milestone and I kept getting an error.


I saw the correct page only once (10 issues shown) and luckily I made a screenshot and now those issues were verified.

I've created a ticket on Github ( and the problem is being investigated.

I've got a reply:

- Thanks for contacting GitHub Support!
- I believe the issue here is the large size of this repository causing the timeout, as I can see there are over 63k issues in that repo.
- Loading the issues page without the milestone filter loads, however, so I'm going to reach out internally to see what is happening here.
- An alternative approach while we look into this would be to pull a list of issues with no milestone using the API. You can see our API docs about issues here: 
- As soon as I have an update I'll let you know.

I tried to compose the link, in order to get the issues which have no milestone, but without luck (`no milestone` has no ID, like the rest of the milestones).

Could you provide us the link so we could investigate the remaining issues, if any?

Karl: = Working most of the times (sometimes it gives Server error).

This is failing too except if you remove label.

Re-test Bugzilla issue with patch (Oana)

I was requested to re-test an issue where a patch was provided.

Do I need to apply the patch (and if yes, how can I do that, since it is not an .xpi file).

If the patch is already in the latest Nightly I will re-test it asap.

Karl: Ask dennis to provide a build.

November 17 2020

Issues reported by users with screenshot (SV)

We received an issue from an user, having a screenshot containing explicit content.

We removed the screenshot, but we were wondering if the user should be banned or at least give him a warning about not posting this kind of content?

karl: user was banned (had 2 inappropriate issues)

Issues still displayed as "In the moderation queue" even though they have been moderated (SV):


November 3 2020

Wiki pages editing without authorization issues (SV)

Some user were able to edit Wiki pages without authorization. What should we do with these issues?

karl: Report them in Bugzilla

- product: websites
- component:

Link them to the webcompat issues (for more details).

(FYI) Increase number of issues (SV)

The number of issues increased but there is no need to worry, we can handle them

October 20 2020

Old certificate issues (SV)

For site that have old certificates, Mike asked us to lable them with "type-unsupported-tls", move them to Needscontact and to ping him. That is the reason we ping you now.

Do you consider we can close them as non-compat if the problem occurs on any browser and only ping you in case it is only reproducible on Firefox?

karl - move issues to Needcontact only if they are reproducible on Firefox, otherwise move them to Non-compat (reproducible on all browsers)

2020Q4 - needstriage on Webcompat Bugzilla (SV)

We were wondering what is the action item in case we find a reproducible issue from the list

Action items:

Issue is reproducible:

- add corresponding Keyword (Details): webcompat:need-diagnosis / webcompat:need-contact /  webcompat:need-contact-ready / webcompat:need-site-wait, similar to webcompat issues
- (Tracking) add status "affected" to Firefox version (Optional)
- add steps to reproduce if not available (for easy diagnosis)

Issue is not reproducible:

- change Status (Tracking) from "Unconfirmed" to "Resolved" -> Invalid / Worksforme
- need info Karl or the reporter for extra details on the issue, or when we don't understand it

Notes: skip [Meta] bugs

October 06 2020

OKRs proposal (SV)

All the cards are in place both reserved and planned

Should we discuss each?

Are there any tasks for us from upper management?

karl: task cards are all good

karl: will check the name of the educational platform used in Japan

karl: ETP shim talk directly with Tom, an come up wit a plan (maybe also help with confirmation of fixed issues)

karl: new task from upper management - not yet, work in progress, will be news during the quarter

oana: reserve: manual testing on social media TikTok (video playback)

Tasks that require testing (SV)

If there are issues that require testing (see also issues, mozregression) feel free to loop us in, and we will gladly help out.

karl: will do so

1:2 meeting proposal (SV)

We could have this meeting every other week when there is no Team meeting in the week.

karl: sure

September 29 2020

OKRs tasks planning for Q4 (SV)

We have a list of tasks that we want to propose for Q4, should we directly create cards for them here ? or discuss and make a plan what to keep and what to skip.

Karl: Yes, add all the proposed items as cards.

Finish every week with 0 untriaged and 0 unmoderated bugs (SV)

This was proposed last quarter by Mike, in order to see if we can handle all issues by the end of the week. Since the number of issues was not high, we successfully managed to triage and moderate all of them.

Should we continue monitoring this progress?

Karl: we can continue monitoring and ask for help when needed.

Previous Sync meetings with Mike