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Topic: previous meeting, next meeting

Next meeting: The next meeting will be on August 26, 2013

Topic: Action Items

What will you be working on during the next week?

  • lmandel: will test pandora playback

Topic: Firefox OS and codec support [hallvord]

thread and bugs

"It might help to have some documentation on what codecs / formats should be expected to play."

  • hallvors: issues with H.264
  • lmandel: (giving information)
  • kdubost: worth documenting?
  • lmandel: ask Chris Double for documenting.

Topic: General Web Compatibility Issues [kdubost]

In the list of current web compatibility issues, some of them are poor design choices by the companies, which creates issues on all devices/platforms/browsers. I would encourage you to close them as INVALID or WORKSFORME depending on the case. I would also be happy if the usability issues could be fixed but I guess we have already a lot on our plate.

  • lmandel: everything which is functional we should try but not if it's not or unconsistent.
  • lmandel: for the rest, let's try to focus on UA override and we will touch to others after.

Topic: Enyo.JS Framework. [lawrence]


  • kdubost: Should we contact them about simplifying there UA detection?
  • lmandel: There are a lot of Frameworks we should prioritize the well known one.

if hallvors has time to fix it, that could be a patch request.

  • hallvors: it is sometimes to recommend anything. It depends on the framework.
  • hallvors: [regarding Brightcove:] hard to recommend something until I have proven that it works on my phone
  • lmandel: Some framework will refuse fixes provided by Mozilla, without a strong business case. We need to collect the list of broken sites and make the case for Mozilla BD and product to work with BrightCove.

Topic: Proxy support in Firefox OS [hallvord]


What is the status? Is it really a bug? Is it documented somewhere on Firefox OS documentation? If not, maybe we should send an email to ask for documentation of the issue on engagement-developer list.

  • hallvors: there is an open bug which seems to cover this issue.
  • lmandel: Can someone file a bug about proxy config in the UI.
  • lmandel: Ask about proxy configuration on dev-b2g@
  • TODO-20130819-02: hallvord to open a bug for having a proxy setting in the UI.

Topic: Firefox OS Tablet User Agent [jsmith]

Relevant Bug Number

An upcoming Firefox OS release plans to introduce tablet support. We need to figure out an appropriate user agent for the Firefox OS tablets.

  • jsmith: there was a bug coming in last night. What would be the User agent for tablets. It would be released in 1.3.
  • lmandel: We need to have a discussion on one of the lists. Gerv needs to be involved.
  • kdubost: which lists?

Topic: Guidelines for Device Information in User Agent [jsmith]

We recently discovered two instances where the user agent proposed by the operator introduces whitespace as part of their device information. What guidelines should we evangelize for device information in the user agent?

kdubost: There is already a documentation (drafy status).

TODO-20130819-03: lmandel to follow up with Gerv about posting UA device/model recommendations on MDN.

Topic: Form for Mobile Web Compatibility [kdubost]

Gervase created an amazing work for quickly having a Web form for Mobile Web Compatibility Issues. We do have an issue is that Bugzilla is mostly unusable on Mobile devices. Which will have impact on our ability to encourage people to report bugs from their mobile devices. We have to find a solution for this. Not sure how can we have help from UX people at Mozilla and Engineers time for making that happen. Another issue is that people need an account for reporting bugs, which is an additional barrier of participation. [thread!topic/mozilla.compatibility/bolsoZkt40U]. The form for Mobile Web Compatibility is ready

Topic: Logo for @MozWebCompat twitter [kdubost]

Sent a design brief to Sean Martell about a possible logo for the twitter account.

Tracked Actions


  • TODO-20130715-01: kdubost have a panorama of tools used by Web developers for testing. Write a post about it.
  • TODO-20130729-01: kdubost To draft ideas around a tool for doing the Ébauche in Web Compatibility testing. Think about kind of YSlow report for Web Compat. Enter the URI, and get a simple report of potential issues. Could be useful for helping with bug reporting.
  • TODO-20130805-02: hallvord to test in bulk if Web sites are still working with a device information into the UA string Firefox OS. (Bug 901039)
  • TODO-20130806-01: kdubost to create a script to automatically compile stats from Tech Evangelism - Mobile. See email.
  • TODO-20130812-01 kdubost to analyze Web sites from Venezuela
  • TODO-20130812-02 kdubost to analyze Web sites from Columbia



  • TODO-20130819-01 kdubost to create a first workflow for Web Badges for the community with Carla Cassili
  • TODO-20130819-02: hallvord to open a bug for having a proxy setting in the UI.
  • TODO-20130819-03: lmandel to follow up with Gerv about posting UA device/model recommendations on MDN.
  • TODO-20130819-04: lmandel to test from the USA.

Site Testing, Evangelism & Communication Status


  • Bug 878224 - fixed
  • Bug 828420 - fixed
  • Bug 805164 - fixed
  • Bug 826502 - fixed
  • Bug 843146 - fixed
  • Bug 878220 - fixed
  • Bug 878251 - fixed


New bugs

Gecko Specific Issues

Other Issues (tools, general, …)

  • This week bug for the new batch of modifications on ua-override-prefs.js is Bug 905237 (Previous was Bug 902604)