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Meeting: Mobile Web Compatibility Weekly
Chair: Karl
Scribe: Mike

Topic: next meeting

Next meeting: The next meetings will be on January 13, 2014

Topic: Welcome Adam (lawrence)

Lawrence introduced Adam who is with us for contacting Web sites about Web Compatibility issues.

  • karl: Introduce yourself, please.
  • adam: Hi, I'm adam. Thrilled to be here and getting into the world of web compatibility.
  • lawrence: Adam will be doing a role similar to Karl's. He's located in Hamilton, just outside of Toronto. Adam is starting by going through [contactready] bugs to get familiar with what's going on. After that, he'll be jumping into a broader project (e.g. CMSes, frameworks, etc). Maybe in the next few weeks let's have that conversation.

Topic: Year 2014 (karl)

Lawrence and karl discussed before the holiday about the program for 2014. We need to formalize a bit what we need to do for the year.

  • karl: We need to discuss goals for this year. Do you prefer to do this on etherpad, a wiki, mailing list?
  • lawrence: We can start a conversation in one of these meetings and come back to it next week. But essentially what are the high level goals we have for 2014? I'd like for us to quickly publish/wrap up the projects that we've been working on (Mike with UA detection, Karl with UA Overrides, Hallvord with Video). Or determine what it means to wrap these up in Q1. And what is the next item on the list that we should focus on. One thing Karl has brought up with me is better coordination with launch locales. Focus our efforts.
    • UA detection cases wrapping up (mike)
    • UA override status wrapping up (karl)
    • Video status wrapping up (hallvord)
    • Conferences, Evangelization coordination
  • karl: I sent an email to the internal mailing list on some statistics of what we did in 2013. I'm happy to move it to the public list. But I was starting to think on what we've done and what is the status of the project.
  • lawrence: I thought it was telling to see the spike in the amount of work when you, Hallvord, Mike started.
  • Hallvord: I will need to add things.
  • Mike: I will think about it during the next week and reflect on things. Karl, can you send an email to the list (or a pointer to a wiki page or etherpad) to start discussion? Let's follow up on that next week in our meeting.

Topic: WebCompat on Weekly Updates (lawrence)

Lawrence, Karl, Mike did previous updates. Seif volunteered in the past. Next week an update?

  • karl: FYI, The weekly meeting is at 4am for Hallvord and Karl. So it needs to be planned in advance if we're to present. Is there anyone who would like to present this next week? Seif had mentioned wanting to present the survey he's been working on with Hallvord (compatipede). But he's not here right now. If we don't think there's anything to announce, it's no issue. One idea would be to give a wrap up of what we've done or give insight into what we want to do for this year.
  • lawrence: I think we could the 2013 summary. Another idea is to report on the UA detection framework issues.
  • Mike: by next monday, I will give a summary.
  • lawrence: If we can publish this by the end of the month that would be cool.
  • mike: yes, cool.
  • lawrence: Hallvord, I think it would be interesting as well for you to present on your video research. Maybe you're not quite ready on that yet, but it would be interesting to understand where Gecko based browsers stand when it comes to video playback on mobile.

Topic: Work week (miketaylr)

We talked about having a work week related to (and other things, probably). Do we know enough about our upcoming schedules to come up with a date yet? First week of Feb. was proposed in the past.

  • mike: Maybe it's a discussion for internal mailing-list. If we had more updates on that.
  • karl: The policy changed in Japan, before you needed a reentry permit but now it's included in the foreigner card. So that issue is solved. The end of February I am likely to be in Niigata.
  • mike: First we had thought at the begining of February. And there are conflicts for MWC at the end of Feb.
  • lawrence: We need to talk about the location too. Possibly Mountain View, possibly Toronto.
  • karl: It's a very long trip to Toronto. 14 hours (TO) vs. 9 hours to MTV.
  • adam: Let's go to Japan.
  • karl: If we were doing a meeting in Asia, it would be more useful to go to Beijing or Taipei.
  • lawrence: I'll have that conversation with Brad this week.
  • mike: OK, no need for an email then.

Topic: Broken Voices of the Web

Check the Planet Web Compatibility for the community news. Here a few posts lately published.

Topic: Things which have been discussed

Topic: Web Compatibility Progress



Tracked Actions


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  • TODO-20130805-02: hallvord to test in bulk if Web sites are still working with a device information into the UA string Firefox OS. (Bug 901039)