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Topic: next meeting

Next meeting: The next meetings will be on April 1st. see

Topic: Promotion in Mozilla about:community newsletter (lawrence)

Larissa has offered to help promote Web compatibility volunteer efforts in the about:community newsletter. This newsletter used to go out weekly and is about to be revived. Should we wait until we have, bugsahoy,, Adam's social survey, role description? Submission

  • Larissa: It used to go out every two weeks, trying to get it back there. It goes to people who go to the Get Involved page, they sign up there. 60k people on it. No measurement on ppl each opportunity brought back. Web compat seems like a good match, not as much of an upper limit to scaling. email newsletter to subscribe. Letter is focused on things you can do now. Deadline for next newsletter is Monday. Any material that can be recycled?
  • Karl: many things we can publish, for example blog posts - are these good to publish?
  • Larissa: Yes, but it is good to provide a request with a link to get involved. IS there a page that goes over getting involved?
  • Karl: information is broken up at the moment. We are trying to make more digestible
  • Larissa: we can do multiple updates on the newsletter for web compat. A kick off, introduction and later updates to push for other locales
  • Mhoye: Focus on one specific thing that you want ppl to contribute to. Once that has happened and ppl are involved, provide a next step update. Keep scope narrow, it helps to get engagement.
  • Larissa: (choppy audio on my side, if someone can add this line)

What are the pathways for contributors through our chaotic world of compat. Contributor data tracking, able to monitor road blocks in process for volunteers.

  • Mhoye: Don't try to build communities on your own, because we have ppl that want to help

Update on (Alexa)

Mike and Alexa have been actively hacking the version 1.0 of It looks very promising. Where do they need help? Source code and Issues

  • miketaylr: staging area built, can see the site come together - styling etc. Documentation on how to contribute now started. Targetting launch on Monday, might push back some refinements a few days but nothing major date wise. Most important imo is to launch with a cool functional bug reporting tool. Other calls to action: need content for 2/3. Maybe karlcow and adam_s have written this for other uses.
  • alexa: on #2 we go to bugs ahoy.
  • miketaylr: drops, returns!

we have our own fork of bugs ahoy. The code is kind of complicated. About us can wait for v2 or link to wiki for now.

  • alexa: will try to work on the design of the form and Bugs Ahoy messaging (style if possible)
  • karl: in the about page we should thank Alexa for all the hard work


  • 1st Style Form
    • Convert our form to Github form (+API) compatible format
    • Validation for form (backend, frontend can be v2)
  • 2nd Styles for other pages.
    • Content for other pages. #2, bugsahoy
  • Last
    • Final server tweaks.
    • Create production bug repo, connect the dots
    • Styles for flash messages.

Web Compatibility Tools and Process (Karl)

We (Hallvord and Karl) gave a talk at Mozilla China to the rest of the employees last week. In the process, it was amazing to see the number of tools, process, documentation we have produced in the last few months. Do you think an article on AListApart and/or resources such as .net mag would be useful?

(mike: I've got good contacts at ALA)

  • hallvors: Tools are still needing more work before promoting but could have a lot of value and are unique.

Firefox in China

  • Lawrence: webkit aliases in fennec, the idea of an addon is better than rewriting the base code.
  • karlcow: There are more modifications to be in line with the market. Very cool adjustments.
  • blassey: want to kill off the Chinese version (fork) of Firefox for Android (to be replace by the main distribution channel). One of the first things we need is that addon for webkit, so Chinese market can have its own customizations.
  • hallvors: written as a greasemonkey script at the moment.
  • karl: have an extension for taking screen shots of sites, this happens in the browser with an icon, draw on the image

Topic: Broken Voices of the Web

Check the Planet Web Compatibility for the community news. Here a few posts lately published.

Topic: Web Compatibility Progress



Tracked Actions


(move the DONE action items below and add the string DONE and possibly link to the record)

  • TODO-20130805-02: hallvord to test in bulk if Web sites are still working with a device information into the UA string Firefox OS. (Bug 901039)