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foxfood triage alias (mike)

We need to be aware of bugs coming in this way: <>

  • mike: This is partially information. I wanted to talk about FoxFood triage. Doug Sherk manages the feedback part of the foxfood. When there is a Web compat issue they will needinfo this email. So we can act on it. Either closing as DUP, or analyzing it.
  • hallvord: maybe one person watching it.
  • mike: I'll be happy to do that. Should we create a report site issue for Firefox OS, the same way we do for Firefox Android Nightly. hallvord, karl: yup. Why not?
  • mike: TODO review karl's patch about tagging on
  • mike: TODO create a tag for the origin from foxfood in

Onboarding new Contributors (mike)


  • mike: What story do we propose to new contributors? How do we onboard them in the work we do? I do not have a solution for now.
  • karl: The contributors page might be a bit verbose and not very helpful for understanding the work we do.
  • mike: yes. Mike Conley is doing cool screencasts. Karl and I thought we should do the same thing for webcompat. That will be a way for people to see what we do and understanding the process. I learned a lot with his screencasts.
  • karl: I did a trial for 45 minutes. It's not technically hard to set up, but it takes a bit of preparation for the screen, to not be too privacy invasive.
  • hallvord: I could write precise webcompat/slides.
  • mike: anything that would help understand the work we do.
  • karl: When I did the trial I did it in French, because I thought all the materials are most of the time in English. Specifically I was thinking if Mike was doing it in English another language would be cool.
  • mike: +1
  • hallvord: I will do in Norwegian. (discussions about written Norwegian languages)

Heads Up

  • some good work done around Web Compatibility in Japan.

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress