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Previous 2015-11-12


BlinkCon (mike)


  • mike: There will be probably a BlinkCon event in Europe in the next 6 months. It might be interesting for Hallvord and/or Karl to attend. I met a couple of Opera old friends. 6/7 sessions were directly interesting. The rest less so, very (obviously) focused on Blink. Good to hear their prospective.

Mozlando (mike)

Let's brainstorm who we want to meet and what we want to accomplish.

ZeroClipboard (mike/hallvord)

Hallvord, can you give a summary of the state of this work?

  • hallvord: I was asking some questions in issues on GitHub, but none of the developers were repsonding. mainly dealing with how to integrate the new stuff w/ the old API. how to make it a drop-in replacement.
  • hallvord: I'm not sure how much the old API needs to be supported. It's not obvious what is internal/public. Mostly stalled on waiting on answers.
  • hallvord: I have a rewritten version that I have mostly working. The basic next step is to split it up for their build process and what it expects. Another issue is testing. A lot of them assume Flash, we need to indicate that some tests are not relevant, etc.

Testing Boar (hallvord)


  • hallvord: the compatipede stuff, I was beginning to work on some testing approach. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on that.
  • karl: I've seen your email and flagged it so I will reply. Last week I was busy with a conference and personal things. This week I will start looking.

Heads Up


Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress