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2016 Q1 and Q2 priorities (miketaylr)


  • miketaylr: I will send that as an email. We are shifting some priorities. Platform outreach work might be develop a bit like APZ and addons, we did in the past. We will do for both Mobile and Desktop.

Growing our team (miketaylr)


  • miketaylr: We might have chances to get new persons on board. It's not totally clear yet.

Removing Gmail override (karlcow)


  • miketaylr: karl mentionned about removing the UA override.
  • karl: If you test on the device with the UA override, we get a simple crappy version. Gmail works quite well on the Desktop with the emulation mode, if you test that with the normal UA string -- basically everything works. No specific bugs except for some missing fill keywords in moz-border-image. So button backgrounds are kind of broken. It's much better, let's give it a week to see if they fix more things then remove that.

Heads Up


Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress